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The CW's Charmed pilot premieres at NYCC, here's what we learned

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Oct 8, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT (Updated)

At long last, after the controversy, after the original cast members cursed, then blessed the series, the pilot episode of the Charmed reboot was unveiled to the public. Or at least, those who went to the screening at New York Comic Con on Sunday.

The new series, as has been previously reported, opens with the mysterious death of a woman, which triggers the powers within her three daughters (two of them who grew up together, one of whom didn’t). 

The oldest, Macy (Madeleine Mantock), discovers she has telekinesis while having drinks with someone she apparently dated. (The man gets patronizing and the conversation becomes frustrating, so a beer bottle flies across the room and shatters against the wall.) But since she’s the most skeptical and scientifically-minded of the sisters, she’s going to need some evidence that she can move things with her mind. 

The youngest, Maggie (Sarah Jeffery), is pledging a sorority and discovers that she can read people’s thoughts if she physically touches them. (And it seems as though the sorority pledges’ thoughts are somewhat catty. Huh.) 

Meanwhile, the middle sister, Mel (Melonie Diaz), is having a talk with her girlfriend to discuss whether or not they should stay together, when Mel discovers that time is periodically stopping. Is she doing that, or…? 

That’s when they’re abducted by a man named Harry (Rupert Evans, who has them tied up in chairs in an attic to explain to them who, or rather what, they are. They’re witches (yeah, we pretty much figured that one out). At any rate, they’ve got 24 hours to either accept or reject their destiny. (“Being a witch is a full pro-choice enterprise,” Harry explains.)

So, he lets them go, disappears, and the sisters consider his proposition. 

Well, we don’t want to get into too many details here but the younger sisters form a bond with Macy (who Mel and Maggie didn’t grow up with); determine their destiny, battle a demonic foe, and are given a warning from beyond the grave. 

The three lead actresses attended the screening and told attendees afterwards that they love that this version of the series has a distinct point of view and isn’t afraid to take stances on issues, which is why they all wanted to be a part of it. 

“The world is pretty crazy right now,” said Diaz. “So, it’s pretty important to have a point of view." 

Mantock agreed. “Whether or not you choose to engage with it, politics, affects everybody.” 

We’ll see how the rest of the world engages with Charmed when it airs for everyone to see on The CW on October 14. 

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