The CW's Legends of Tomorrow has found its immortal big bad Vandal Savage

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Aug 4, 2015

The CW has announced that DC Comics baddie Vandal Savage will be the main villain of their upcoming superhero spinoff series Legends of Tomorrow.

Danish actor Casper Crump has been cast in the role of the comic-book supervillain, described as being "immortal, having spent the past 6,000 years moving like a virulent disease through history, whispering in the ears of despots and dictators, all leading to his eventual domination of the world."

Comicbook.com reports that Crump’s first appearance will be in upcoming crossover episodes of Arrow (Season 4) and The Flash (Season 2), before the character heads on over to recur on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Vandal Savage will be the show's first season Big Bad, with a possibility to return in future seasons, a la Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow and Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells on The Flash.

What do you think? Do you believe Vandal Savage to be the perfect villain for Legends of Tomorrow’s first season?

(via Comic Book)

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