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The Dark Knight returns to the big screen for limited 10-year anniversary run

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Jan 19, 2018, 10:01 AM EST

Okay, okay, we know director Christopher Nolan’s standard-setting superhero flick The Dark Knight won’t actually turn 10 until July 18, but just don't tell a certain East Coast theater chain that can’t contain its Batman fever until then.

The Oscar-winning superhero flick will return to the big screen on Thursday, February 8, and Sunday, February 11, at select Showcase Cinemas locations. However, these are select because they’re only screening in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.

So, if you live in one of those states, you’ve got a chance to revisit the superhero movie that proved superhero movies could be more than camp and see the Batman that gives Ben Affleck cold sweats in the middle of the night. Sure, most fans probably saw it on the big screen a decade ago, but it's still a rare opportunity to see a seminal comic book movie the way it was intended.

If you don’t live on the coast -- never fear! Because The Dark Knight's true anniversary isn’t taking place until this summer, and it stands to reason we can expect more special screenings to pop up around the country at bigger and more widespread theaters if there's enough buzz to show fans are interested.

With the summer box office already jam-packed with superheroes (though most will be of the Marvel variety in 2018), what’s one more ticket to see one of the best comic films ever made? Or, if you get burned out with all the spandex traipsing around in Infinity War, you could always just stay home with a Blu-ray and appreciate the fact that the guy who made Dunkirk gave us a Batman trilogy years before DC opted for Batfleck.