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The Deadly Class cast offers us their best murder (and torture) tips

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Jan 15, 2019, 12:54 PM EST (Updated)

At King's Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, teenagers learn the fine and bloody art of killing. While some King's Dominion students are descended from long lines of professional killers and hardened criminals, others just have a penchant for beating the crap out of their marks.

Given how important and varied murder, assassination, and all associated bloodshed is in Deadly Class, SYFY WIRE just had to speak with stars Benjamin Wadsworth and María Gabriela de Faría about their characters' craft. In Deadly Class, Wadsworth and Faría play Marcus Lopez and Maria Salazar, respectively, two King's Dominion students from two very different worlds. Just like their characters, Faría and Wadsworth approach the murder question from two very different angles.

Wadsworth likes to make it long and painful, with some torture first. When asked for his tips, he leans forward and holds his arms off to either side of his body. "You put someone in the cross position, and then you want to cut slits in between each of their fingers," he explains, gesturing to indicate the skin between each of his own fingers.

"This is definitely not from the show," Faría responds, perhaps taken aback a bit.

"Listen, people just don't want to get on my bad side," Wadsworth responds, deadpan, before continuing with: "Nerves are the thing that hurt the most. You've gotta just find nerves anywhere and go for it."

The pair dissolves into laughter and Faría, taking a less literal approach, explains what her character Maria Salazar's tactics entail, referring to Maria as her "evil twin."

"For her, you have to distract your opponents. Maria dances, she seduces her enemies. It's like, 'I'm dancing, I'm dancing, look at my beautiful fans' and then they don't know that [the fans] are sharp and they have blades. You look cute, you look nice, you look harmless, and then —" She drags a finger across her throat, "— they never see it coming."

Maria Salazar, a member of the Soto Vatos at King's Dominion, embodies the term "beautiful but deadly." Donning a red and black gown and skull makeup, she tends to dance around her enemies, waving fans in their faces before attacking when they least expect it.

DEADLY CLASS -- "Reagan Youth" Episode 100 -- Pictured: Maria Gabriela de Faria as Maria

Credit: Allen Fraser/SYFY

Wadsworth's Marcus approaches his enemies with far less grace; his strategy isn't so much a strategy as "attack first, ask questions later." Unlike most of his fellow students, Marcus didn't grow up preparing to be a part of the next generation of killers, studying AP Black Arts or attending Poison Lab. After his parents were killed in a tragic accident, he grew up on the streets.

"Pick up a bat or a pipe, and that's it," Wadsworth says of how his character kills. "You just keep swinging until they stop moving." He calls Marcus "scrappy" in comparison to Maria's fluid movements and polished approach.

"Marcus is very resourceful," Faría adds. "He wasn't trained before, but he lived on the streets for a while so he knows how to defend himself with whatever he can find."

And it's lucky for Marcus that he is so resourceful. You can't be too careful when you've got other teen assassins staring at you over their Fundamentals of Psychopathy textbooks.

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