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The Death of Superman Saga hits theaters for two-night event

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Nov 11, 2018, 8:35 PM EST (Updated)

It looks like Superman will be returning to theaters earlier than we all thought. This time, in cartoon form.

According to CBR, this January DC Entertainment will be teaming up with Fathom Events to bring its entire Death of Superman saga to the big screen for a special two-night event. Not only will fans be able to relive 2018’s The Death of Superman, but they'll also see the premiere of its follow-up, Reign of the Supermen, before its digital release.

The Death of Superman retells the classic 1992 story of the battle between Superman and Doomsday. After running rampant across the globe, the monster finally goes up against the Justice League and decimates them. Only Superman is left to stop it and gives his life in doing so.

Reign of the Supermen picks up months later after Superman’s passing, as the world is trying to cope not only with the loss of its greatest hero but with four NEW Supermen attempting to take over the mantle. Unlike its predecessor, 2007’s Superman: Doomsday, this two-part tale allowed DC to tell the entire story, rather than a condensed version that didn’t feature either the League or the new Supermen.

The event will take place January 13-14. You can purchase tickets from Fathom Events on their website here.

Even though Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam are keeping the DCEU afloat, it may still be a long time before we see a live-action Man of Steel back on the big screen. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Reign of the Supermen, starring Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn, will be available digitally January 15 and on Blu-Ray January 29.

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