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The definitive ranking of every WayHaught kiss

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Aug 25, 2017

In case you didn't get the memo, WayHaught, the relationship made up of Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) on SYFY's Wynonna Earp, is pretty much the epitome of relationship goals. They are sweet, badass, loyal, and fierce ladies who love ladies, and they are the romantic center of this crazy, beautiful show about demons and family and (occasionally) pregnant superheroes.

Everyone ships WayHaught, even people you wouldn't expect, like bad guys, potentially bad guys who are currently good guys, and even Nicole's estranged wife who randomly reappeared this season to cause some turmoil. I ship it. You ship it. Even if you never heard of WayHaught before this moment, you are now invested. When they are happy, we are happy. When they are sad, we are sad. And so, in an effort to make the world a brighter, better place, and in anticipation of the Season 2 finale tonight, I offer you the definitive ranking of every time WayHaught has kissed on screen.

You're welcome.

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"Not in uniform."

No one knows what a demon possession is going to do to a person's judgment, and Waverly managed to be surprisingly restrained. That is, until Homecoming, when her affections for Nicole turn into displays that are a little too public for her police officer girlfriend's taste. It's never sexy when one side of the PDA is uncomfortable, especially THAT uncomfortable.


"Babe, that's everybody's thing."

It's just a kiss before Nicole heads off to work, but Waverly is wearing a cheerleading uniform and has just finished putting on a show for her lady. Plus, it's one of the few really small, happy moments WayHaught gets in the second season.


Wynonnus Interruptus

A sweet, lovely moment in the middle of some serious turmoil and self-doubt for Waverly early this season. Nicole calls her the "Earpiest Earp" as she's wondering if she even could be a member of her own family. Of course, we never get to see where this moment may have been headed, because Wynonna walks right on into the room and ruins it for everyone.


"God that's sexy"

The apocalypse is on the way, the entire town drank poison, and everyone is trying to kill your sister. Your first instinct is, of course, to protect the things you love. Then again, when your girlfriend is a cop, she runs toward the danger. And yes, Waverly, we agree. That is sexy.


One last kiss

Nicole really knows how to get herself into some dire situations. Sure, Waverly got possessed, but Nicole just had to get bitten by a venomous Widow right as the two of them were about to make up after their second big blowout of the season. Girlfriends fight, they make up, and sometimes they make up just in time for one of them to be put into a medically induced coma that she might not wake up from.


"You taste different."

Regrouping after the events of the first season finale finds WayHaught patching each other up and finally getting some relieved and well deserved... face time. This is, though, right after Waverly's person has been possessed by a demon and the first time Nicole notices there might be something off about her love. Then again, they're interrupted by a surprising prude Doc, and things have to be put on hold.


"I would shoot anybody for you."

A fiercely protective Nicole, a very possessed Waverly, a flask, and a gun. Finally dispossessed of the giant tentacle demon, of course Waverly's first course of action is to smooch her ginger girlfriend. We would shoot anybody for WayHaught too.


Respite in the barn

Long-lost sisters and getting shot in the side can really take a lot out of a girl, which is why sometimes you just need to retire to the barn for a relaxing makeout session with your new girlfriend. Now, if only people would stop interrupting right as these two are finally connecting, that would be great.


About to blow ourselves to pieces

Sometimes the only way to know what really matters is to end up in an alternate universe where your sister never existed, your town is overrun by demons, you never dated the love of your life, and you're about to blow yourselves up to force everything back to normal. In that moment, right before they press the button that might kill them all, Waverly and Nicole know exactly what they want, and that's each other.


Gays unburied

Nothing puts a damper on a relationship like your sister shooting your girlfriend in the chest in order to make a quick getaway. Then again, WayHaught isn't a normal couple, and Nicole is a "super smart" cop who remembers to actually put on her vest before entering into an apocalypse-like scenario. If you DON'T want to kiss her after this moment, I don't know if I can talk to you.


Each touch, every kiss

So your girlfriend has been possessed for most of your relationship and you've just discovered it and managed to help get the demon out of her. But what about all the times you were together. Was that Waverly or the demon? Insecure and timid Nicole is not a version of this character we get to see very often, and it was a beautiful moment to see Waverly reassuring her for a change. Plus, the music in this scene was on point.


THAT first time

Sure, tensions are a little high, and sure, Waverly is technically possessed by a tentacle demon, but that doesn't make this moment any less special, especially once we learn that Waverly was in control the whole time. They're all nerves and tension and desire, and it's sweet and intimate and big and small all at once. Plus, Nicole double checks with Waverly to make sure she's absolutely positive about what they're about to do. The best sex might be makeup sex, but there's nothing hotter than consent, right?


The first first time

After 8 episodes of dancing around it, the sexual tension, the flirting, the lingering looks. It all comes to a head in this moment when Waverly finally decides to jump in the deep end, to leap out of the plane, to swim into the ocean, to eat an extremely phallic clam. She admits to herself that the thing that she most wants to do in this world is Nicole, and then by god, she gets the girl. And in the sheriff's office no less. They're ecstatic, we're ecstatic. Everyone cheers and we all die a happy death.

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