The Doctor's new duds are already inspiring fan art

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Nov 10, 2017

Doctor Who fans are passionate, to say the least. You sometimes have to be in order to follow a show whose mythology spans decades and whose monsters run the gamut from genuinely terrifying to, well, this guy.

They're also, like many genre fandoms, intensely creative and with a brand new Doctor on the way (a female one, no less), fans now have a whole new palette to work with when it comes to fan art. And they are fast. The newest regeneration of The Doctor was unveiled just yesterday in all her suspender-clad glory and fans responded rapidly with their approval. Many pointed out the homages the new outfit pays to Doctors of the past. Some have already assembled nearly complete cosplays of the character. Still others have wasted no time jumping on the opportunity to create brand new fan art.

The art ranges from the serious to the whimsical and hopefully it will hold Whovians over until Jodie Whittaker takes her official bow as The Doctor in next month's Christmas special. Are you looking forward to the brand new Doctor's adventures?

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