The doctors will see you now: 21 of our favorite sci-fi physicians

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Jul 8, 2013, 5:53 PM EDT

Get enough sci-fi heroes together and you're bound to need a doctor nearby.

Saving the world (or the galaxy, or the universe) is rough work. We've seen heroes lose hands, lose heads, lose brain function and even get so battered they have to regenerate completely new bodies. Even if death is never final in the sci-fi world, that kind of damage means it's important to have someone around to patch you up when you're feeling a little less than heroic. Doctors have long been a vital part of science fiction, fantasy and horror storytelling, whether for their ability to be the voice of reason in a crisis, to save lives at a critical moment, or to be just evil enough to cause a little extra trouble. 

So for the final installment (this season) in our series of features inspired by Syfy's Defiance, take a look at some of our favorite doctors from throughout sci-fi.