The dynamic duo of Misty Knight and Daredevil

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Nov 2, 2018

The cancellations of two Netflix Marvel shows, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, unfortunately, leaves some great characters, including Misty Knight, in limbo, but there is hope. The obvious choice would be for a Daughters of the Dragon series to rise from the ashes, especially given Iron Fist Season 2 does a good job of laying the foundation for one. However, if that doesn’t come to fruition and there is a Daredevil Season 4, there is an opportunity for Misty to find a home there.

Misty Knight has some of the best detective skills in the Marvel-616 and has the fighting skills to match them. Matt Murdock is a great lawyer by day and Daredevil at night. They both go above and beyond for their clients, making sure what's done in the dark comes to the light. So what happens when you put the two of them together? You get a super-sleuth dynamic duo of a team who could frontline a CSI: Marvel series. They work so well together because their skill sets are so similar when it comes to fighting styles and tracking down bad guys. Misty isn’t outshined by Daredevil and vice versa. Similar to how Iron Fist and Luke Cage work so well together, they balance one another out. Daredevil and Misty Knight may prefer to be lone wolves when it comes to tracking down criminals, but they are a match made in crime-solving heaven whenever they have teamed up on comic book pages.

The chemistry between Misty and Daredevil is strong, pairing so well with how they respect one another’s respective hero qualities. Their mutual respect can be seen in one of their earlier run-ins with one another in Daredevil #356. In this instance, Misty helps Matt at his desk job and also when he is in Daredevil mode. Misty and Colleen Wing’s Nightwing Restoration office is located in the same building as Matt Murdock’s law offices, so it was only a matter of time until the two of them bumped into one another. Misty took down a man who tried to kill Matt’s new senior partner, who then hires her to further investigate a lead that could potentially lead to their client’s innocence. This ultimately leads to Daredevil and Misty running into one another. The encounter begins with Misty using her bionic arm to help the Daredevil and ends with her using her bionic arm to free him in enough time to capture the true culprit behind his client’s framing. Even in this brief moment of them working together, the playful banter is present. 


Matt and Misty meet again for a greater length in the last three issues of Daredevil: Dark Knight series. They end up working together in order to take down a drug lord by the name of King. Matt goes down to Miami because one of his clients has to testify in a case, and per usual, their life needs protecting. Must be nice to have a lawyer who could save you both in and out of court. Misty is also in Miami on business when they run into one another. Matt’s witness is kidnapped by King, who just so happened to be an ex-boyfriend of Misty’s.

In the span of these three issues, Matt and Misty show just how much of an excellent duo they make, sleuthing around and fighting alongside each other. There is also a healthy amount of flirting that happens between the two of them, making the chemistry just as hot as the Miami weather. Being the skillful team they are, they managed to capture King and save Matt’s witness and enjoyed the rest of their time in Miami in leisure together.


Misty and Daredevil’s great working relationship with one another has continued recently, in Daredevil Annual #1 (2018) and also in Hunt for Wolverine - Weapon Lost series. Daredevil Annual #1 features Misty Knight pre-bionic arm, working as a detective still when she has her first run-in with Daredevil. In the Hunt for Wolverine - Weapon Lost, Daredevil seeks the help of Misty Knight to help him and an inhuman named Frank McGee. The original Wolverine is missing and it’s an all hands on deck situation. Misty and Daredevil again show off team skills. In one instance, Misty interrogates witnesses and Daredevil acts as a lie detector on the other side of her comms. It’s the kind of one-two punch James Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs would be proud of.


Thanks to the Marvel Netflix Defenders series, Misty Knight and Daredevil know one another exist. Maybe Misty finds her way to Hell’s Kitchen to help Matt with a client and also Daredevil with a few bad guys in the process. There is even excuse to trade the dark alleys of Hell’s Kitchen for the beaches of Miami. Ultimately a Daughters of the Dragon series would be preferred because Misty kicks the best ass with her Colleen Wing, but these days we’ll take whatever good we can get. It’s safe to say when Misty and Daredevil get together a case will be solved and a few ribs might get cracked. After all, the Daredevil does thrive with Knight.

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