The Enterprise Incident + 3 more wonderfully retro Trek: TOS tribute posters

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:25 AM EDT (Updated)

Here is September’s sensational selection of Star Trek: The Original Series retro art prints from artist Juan Ortiz, illustrating four intriguing episodes:  The Gamesters of Triskelion, The Enterprise Incident, Court Martial and That Which Survives.

Ortiz has woven this latest foursome into a titillating tapestry of Art Deco aliens, dazed chess pieces, stark Russian design and a campy copy of Star Trek #45 from the Federation Comics Group.

These addictive prints have become a monthly treat, with the entire 80-episode catalog of the original 1960s TV series reborn as movie-style lithographs at the rate of four per month.  The ambitious Trek project began in August of last year and continues to gain fans.

Each set of four, plated-printed lithographs is delivered on 100-pound, aqueous-coated, satin-finish paper.   They measure 18x24 inches and cost $34.95.   To warp on back to previous months’ posters, follow the streaking starship and click here.

Which groovy poster is the hip apple of your eye?

(Via Star Trek)

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