The Exorcist cast will follow you on Instagram if you have a demon inside your soul

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Oct 13, 2017, 1:45 PM EDT

The cast and crew of FOX's TV series version of The Exorcist have managed the double impossible -- they made a TV version of The Exorcist that is really good AND they go it renewed on FOX for a second season. To do one is wild, to do both is... supernatural.

But you don't want to know the secrets of wining and dining TV execs! Hell no! That's some boring sausage, friend. No, what you want to know is whether or not anyone from The Exorcist has been possessed in real life. You want to know the best way to deal with possession in the real world under such circumstance as you came down with a wicked case of the pea-soup chunks. You want to know if there's any benefit to being possessed in the era of Instagram or if you're better off demonized in the '70s.

And you'll get the answers to all those questions from the exorcist experts themselves in the not-at-all possessed video below.