The Expanse at SDCC: Amazon promises bigger, edgier, ‘more awesome’ Season 4

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Jul 20, 2018

The cast and creative minds behind The Expanse didn’t try to mask their jubilation at Friday’s San Diego Comic-Con panel when it came to finding a new home for Season 4 of the critically acclaimed series. 

Showrunner Naren Shankar told fans gathered at Amazon’s Prime Video Showcase that their support, as well as Amazon’sexpanded…ambitions for the series, were big reasons for the show’s survival after gaining a devoted following during its first three seasons at SYFY, before the show was canceled earlier this year.

“You saved us,” Shankar told the crowd, some of whom were no doubt involved in the grassroots campaign that helped ensure the show found its second life. “It was a really amazing grassroots effort, because it just popped up… People all over [were] expressing a tremendous amount of love and passion.”

The cast even showed up with a specially-made video, thanking fans for sticking by the show as it looked for its next landing spot. Check it out below:

Prime Video on YouTube

The crew also revealed that the move over to Amazon will be accompanied by fewer restrictions on tone and content — the sort of self-monitoring censorships typically built into shows crafted for broadcast television.

Pledging a Season 4 that’s “gonna be more awesome,” Shankar explained that Amazon already has promised to help the show develop the second “big next chapter” of the book series on which it’s based, opening “new worlds” in the ongoing exploration of “how humanity deals with this vast new frontier.”

In practical terms, one of the most immediate ways fans will be able to see, (or, rather, hear) the difference will be in the dialogue. Characters who had to exercise an artificial measure of restraint in the past, he promised, are “gonna curse like a sailor” when Season 4 hits, Shankar joked.

Amazon didn’t reveal any new information on when we’ll be catching our first glimpse of the evolving series on Amazon Prime, so stay tuned for more info on The Expanse and other Amazon programming info as SDCC rolls along through the weekend.