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The First Order rolls into Star Wars Resistance's 'The High Tower'

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Oct 29, 2018, 3:48 PM EDT (Updated)

Episode 5* of Star Wars Resistance, “The High Tower,” moves us forward in Kaz’s life as a spy for Poe Dameron. The first order finally sets foot on his base, and he’s ready to get some important intel. Along with Kaz, we find that they’re leveraging protection from the pirates with the head of the base in order to secure a partnership. But we know that the pirates have been working for the First Order all along.

*We counted Episodes 1 and 2 as a single episode, but they are technically two separate episodes.

Swapna: I feel like we were a little hard on last week’s episode, but this episode vindicated those feelings. I wish they’d been switched! I think I would have been much less frustrated if we’d gotten the forward movement with the First Order that we were treated to in this episode.

Preeti: I agree, this episode gave us so much more information that it would have been welcome last week. I feel like we’re finally starting to see the complications that Kaz’s mission will bring! Both to the Resistance and to his own personal life.

Swapna: We’re also getting to see a little more clearly how the First Order has been operating in the shadows, yet still influencing star systems and governments. I thought it was incredibly interesting how so many of the characters in this episode referenced the First Order — clearly, on this base, people know that they’re a real threat, and many want nothing to do with them.

Preeti: It’s telling that it’s a base of ne’er-do-wells and criminals (and people clearly running from something, whatever that might be), though. That’s where the First Order would be believed, first, right? You believe someone when they show themselves to be a threat, rather than sticking your head in the sand because you’re comfortable.

Swapna: It’s so true. The “scum” of the galaxy is going to know about the First Order and believe they’re a threat before the more privileged set will.

(I put scum in quotes because, of course, they aren’t bad people. But the First Order will take advantage of those who are more desperate.)

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Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Preeti: I liked seeing how quickly Kaz adapted to the situation, and how quickly he came up with a plan. We’ve frequently see him be a little bit of a fool over the last few episodes, but Poe picked him for a reason. It was nice to see that in action when he came up with the plan using their comms.

Swapna: Yeah, I completely agree! Kaz showed a great ability to think on his feet here, and found some great intel as a result. The base’s leader, Captain Doza, seems to be a bit stuck. This might be naivete on my part, but he didn’t seem like a bad guy — just not sure of the right course to take, and very aware that making deals with the First Order is a terrible risk.

Preeti: No, I don’t think he’s going to be a bad dude, either. His line about protecting his citizens is the show’s way to illustrate that, I think. Kaz’s inexperience is in how he reacts, as if the decision is already made.

Swapna: Agreed, and he might not be wrong — the captain might be forced into taking a deal with the First Order because they’ll provide badly needed fuel. We don’t know a lot about how well, or how poorly, the New Republic is operating at this point. Is the First Order filling in the gaps like this?

Preeti: True — the New Republic is still so young, and the galaxy so vast, that it’s ripe for destabilization. I’d love to see more behind the First Order’s strategy for when and where they’re going after bases.

Swapna: Changing the subject, we got bigger speaking roles for both of our main female characters this episode!

Preeti: Yes! So Tam and Torra both have significant moments in this episode — Dora is the daughter of the base’s leader and inadvertently helps Kaz escape the stormtroopers, and then Tam wanted to be an Ace pilot!!


Preeti: YES! He has such a recognizable voice, I’m glad they’re distorting it a bit. And I can’t wait to get more backstory about him and Tam.

Swapna: I do love how they gave Fazon quite a bit of Donald Faison’s swagger though. It suited the character, as an ace pilot.

Preeti: Yes again! But there’s still clearly a vulnerability there. This episode was so juicy.

Swapna: It was — good character development, good plot, AND good overarching story movement.

Preeti: Also, shout out to my favorite line in the episode, really the season so far: “This is fine. I’m fine. It’s gonna be great.”

Swapna: This is like what we all tell ourselves to get through each day, LOLsob.

Preeti: It reminds me very much of the most relatable Harry Potter quote: “'No, I'm fine,' said Harry, wondering why he kept telling people this, and wondering whether he had ever been less fine.” I think that’s going to be the thesis for Kaz’s experience this season.

Swapna: I totally agree. I’m excited to see where we go from here, now that Kaz has started on the spy part of his mission. It’s hard to believe we’re five episodes in already. I think there are only 10 episodes in the first half of the season.

Preeti: Well, I hope there are more adorable hugs between Kaz and BB-8 in the last five episodes, I tell you what.

Swapna: AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY, I loved that so much.

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