The first photos of The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead crossover have arrived

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Jan 10, 2018, 5:17 PM EST

It was surely a dream come true for fans of both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead when it was announced that the two shows would finally have a crossover. If you're an avid viewer of both shows, you've doubtlessly been waiting for the prequel series (Fear) to connect in some way to the mothership — aside from the fact that both shows feature zombies and a certain "why bother" mentality. 

When the crossover was announced, the main question was how it could be possible — but fans soon got the answer. The crossover would be in the form of Lennie James' Morgan, a man who appeared in the pilot of The Walking Dead before vanishing for several seasons. Proof of the crossover soon came in the form of actor Lennie James already on set of the spinoff-- but today we have actual photos of Morgan in the show itself. 

As tweeted by Entertainment Weekly, here are the first photos of Morgan officially crossing over: 

Though he may be leaving the main show after Season 8, here is photographic proof that we're not done with learning all about Morgan, as moving on to Fear will doubtlessly fill in some of the gaps in the character's history. One thing that won't change however? Morgan's iconic fighting stick. Seen in both images, his weapon of choice has obviously been such for a quite a while.

Andrew Chambliss (co-showrunner with Ian Goldberg) had this to say about Morgan's entry into the spinoff show to Entertainment Weekly: “As Morgan Jones steps into the world of FTWD, he’ll be continuing the journey he began on The Walking Dead way back in the pilot. Ian and I were huge fans of the character when Lennie James first brought him to life back then, again when he returned in Season 3, and finally when he became a series regular in Season 6.”

Lennie James' commitment to the character made an impression on them as well, as soon as their first meeting with him. “When we first met Lennie, he impressed upon us how much he cared about the character and how important it was to him for us to take Morgan to places we hadn’t seen before," said Chambliss. "It’s been a great challenge to set for ourselves, and it’s what we hope to do with the character — to push Morgan to places he could only get by coming into contact with the characters on Fear. They’ll change him. And, at the same time, he’ll change them.”

What new challenges will Morgan face with the cast of Fear the Walking Dead? We'll have to wait a bit longer before we find out, but at the very least we can take comfort that this fan favorite will have his cherished stick with him.