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The five best moments in Telltale Games' catalogue, ranked

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Oct 19, 2018, 7:44 PM EDT (Updated)

Telltale Games has been an indomitable force in the adventure gaming space over the years. It’s brought us some of the most memorable experiences in gaming, forced us to go through countless boxes of tissues, and ensured that popular licenses like The Walking Dead and Batman were given exciting and engaging storylines for fans to unravel.

While not every game the studio produced was perfect, Telltale’s games offered players a reason to remain invested in the adventure genre, which has been dwindling over the years. Now that the studio has unfortunately shuttered, leaving the future of beloved stories and characters up in the air and talented employees looking for work, it’s fine to look back on the positives with the unforgettable moments Telltale left us before closing its doors.

Be forewarned, however, that MAJOR SPOILERS abound for Telltale's popular franchises. Read ahead at your own discretion. 

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Top stories
The Wolf Among Us - Bigby Wolf

The Wolf Among Us - Bigby's Transformation

There are overtures that Bigby Wolf has a bigger, more powerful form he's holding back all the way through the earlier chapters of The Wolf Among Us. He's the Big Bad Wolf, after all. The sheriff of Fabletown has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, and he transforms for the first time into his ravenous and powerful wolf form when facing off against the malevolent Bloody Mary as well as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. It's an epic moment to see Bigby letting go and rip through Tweedle Dum, and even though the battle doesn't turn out as planned, it's still a memorable one in the end. 


Guardians of the Galaxy - Rocket and Lylla's Lab Escape

Rocket may seem like one of the most unlikely Guardians of the Galaxy characters to receive a tragic backstory, but that's just what happened with the unraveling of his story with his otter girlfriend Lylla. In an abandoned lab, Rocket retells his time as a test subject who's fallen in love with another otter there who can talk just like him, Lylla. Lylla is supposed to receive a lethal injection before the two can plan their escape from the lab, and Rocket tries to bring her out of the cage and into the free world.

Unfortunately, she receives the injection and Rocket brings her out of the cage in lab into the world, but she dies in Rocket's arms. It is, by all accounts, a massive tearjerker of a plot point, but it also goes a long way in "humanizing" Rocket further. 

Game of Thrones - Who Stays Behind

Game of Thrones - Who Stays Behind?

When one Forrester brother in Telltale's Game of Thrones adventure series must remain behind to hold a gate open for the other, players are asked to make a veritable Sophie's Choice. One brother will hold the gate open, but the other is relegated to die by the sword thanks to the terrible Whitehill soldiers waiting inside. Asher is a plucky fighter, while Rodrik is a seasoned lord and leader that the Forrester family needs.

Both have important needs and skills to bring to the table, and they're also both likable characters. And yet players are forced to choose between the two, with one going on to the inevitable final battle and the other being defeated in an extremely violent and painful manner.


Batman: The Telltale Series - Lady Arkham's Reveal

After all the heinous acts committed by Lady Arkham in Batman: The Telltale Series, we just knew it had to be someone with a truly black heart behind it all. Except when the big reveal came that her true identity was someone Batman knew and trusted, it all came tumbling down. We learn that Lady Arkham, the very same one who orchestrated terroristic attacks on Gotham City, is none other than reporter Vicki Vale. The character, playing both sides of the field expertly, does nothing to give away her position, and it feels like a slap in the face when her identity is finally revealed.

We discover much about Vale's troubled past and what drove her to become such a hateful and vengeance-filled human being, and even when she's defeated, she still haunts Gotham with her misdeeds. It was a stroke of brilliance to turn Vicki into the villain, and we're glad Telltale went along with it instead of going with something painfully obvious. 

The Walking Dead - Clementine Crying

The Walking Dead - Lee Everett's Death

The saddest moment in the whole of Telltale Games' cache of titles is a simple, yet effective one. After journeying with Lee Everett and his adorable charge Clementine, tragedy befalls the duo. Lee is bitten by a bloodthirsty walker in a trash can when trying to pick Clementine's special radio up for her, and as such becomes infected. He's on the brink of becoming a walker himself when he has Clementine retain him to keep him from turning and attacking her.

In the end, after the two say their tearful goodbyes, Clementine can either shoot Lee or leave him to come back as a walker. No matter your choice here, it's a heartrending scene that's burned into everyone's memory because of how painful it really is. Never before since Aerith's death in Final Fantasy VII did a death shake a community of gamers so.

Seeing young Clem having to put Lee out of his misery reached into our hearts and touched us all, and the same awful goodbye Clem had to say to Lee is much like the one we're having to bid to Telltale now. 

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