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The Flash comic to address Heroes in Crisis tragedy and explore Barry Allen's first year in the costume

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Oct 6, 2018, 2:07 PM EDT

The Flash took the spotlight in DC Comic's "World's Finest" panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday. The panel, which ironically had very little to do with DC's actual World's Finest pair of Superman and Batman, covered several of the company's top superheroes, and the prolific writers behind them.

Perhaps the biggest news was the first details about how The Flash will deal with the — spoiler alert! — death of Wally West in Heroes in Crisis #1. Writer Joshua Williamson, who is working his way towards his 60th issue of the title's Rebirth series, revealed that Flash Annual #2, coming in January, will address the tragedy, specifically how it affects Barry Allen and Iris West, Wally's aunt. "This Annual is super sad," he warned. "Because of what happened in Heroes in Crisis, Barry has to tell Iris about Wally and it's one of the saddest things I've ever had to write in my life."

On a brighter note, Williamson told the audience that next spring the series will feature a storyline called "The Flash: Year One." "We're going to be doing Barry's first year as the Flash, but with a little bit of a twist," he said. "Barry's sense of hope, inspiration and optimism is such an important thing and I really wanted to tell a story of how he got there," after the tragedy of losing his mother at a young age.


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Steve Orlando, who recently finished a run on Wonder Woman, will launch a new Martian Manhunter miniseries in December with artist Riley Rossmo. "We are set deeper in the death of Mars than you’ve ever seen," he said. "You're going to see parts of Mars that you've never seen before." The series features the main character in his civilian identity. "He's still hiding as Det. John Jones," Orlando said, adding that he is especially satisfied to be writing a character who feels so much isolation. "The otherness of J'onn J'onzz is something special to me."

Kelly Sue DeConnick, who pointed out that this was her first DC panel, demanded the fans give her an extra loud cheer. She gets the plum role of taking over the Aquaman series (with artist Robson Rocha) just as the character is getting his long-awaited solo feature film debut in December. Best known for creating Image's dystopian series Bitch Planet and relaunching Marvel's Captain Marvel (which was a major influence on next year's movie introducing the character to the MCU), DeConnick is enthusiastic to take Aquaman in a new direction. A loud direction. "I think of all my work in terms of music and for me, this Aquaman run is Zepplin," she said. "It is mythic, heavy chords and sexy, screeching vocals.

And despite the timing of her run, her version is not based on Jason Momoa's on-screen portrayal. She does, however, like the "beautiful, mischievous twinkle in his eye," so that will definitely influence the book. "I want the Arthur that we know and love and I want that [Momoa] swagger."

Peter J. Tomasi, currently writing DC's bantam version of the World's Finest, Adventures of the Super Sons, will take over Detective Comics in December, and revealed that he'll be writing the landmark 1000th issue of the book that introduced Batman next year, and he was honored to have "the stars align and let me write the lead story in Detective 1000," while promising that the book "will reveal the next big villain and [that story] will take up a bunch of issues after that."

Tomasi first takes over with December's issue #994 and he promises that in his opening arc "I'm embracing the Detective title for this run. Batman's heart and mind are really on the edge for it. I wanted to give him a really good mystery."

James Tynion IV, not far removed from his own extended run on Detective Comics, is now writing the supernatural-tinged book Justice League Dark and the just-launched five-week miniseries Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour. "I've been trying to get DC to let me do a horror themed book in October for years," he said, while also teasing an epic storyline in this fall's Justice League/Aquaman "Drowned Earth" storyline.

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