The Flash is finally going to start addressing a plot thread that has been dangling since the pilot

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Aug 30, 2018, 11:00 PM EDT

After some major time travel craziness, the entire Flashpoint debacle, and a lot (seriously a lot) of Barry-brooding, The Flash is finally going to begin paying off a plot thread that has been dangling for a while. How long has it been dangling? It's been out there since the pilot episode.

TVLine revealed the information as part of a Q & A, where fans asked the questions, and the experts answered them. It's just a tidbit, but it does promise that the show will start to build on certain things that have been there since the beginning. 

**Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for The Flash below! The tidbit in question is indeed a spoiler. If you want to go into The Flash Season 5 without any prior knowledge, then RUN, Barry, RUN!**

The question asked was about Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton), who is now married to Barry "The Flash" Allen (Grant Gustin). The fan was pretty much asking for a scoop on her — specifically anything related to the "Central City Citizen."

In case you've forgotten, that is the name of a newspaper that does not exist in the show's current time period yet. Iris is a reporter, but has previously worked at The Central City Picture. How do we know about the Citizen if it doesn't exist? For answers to that, we go back to the pilot. 

Though we didn't know what his deal was at the time, the pilot showed Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells (secretly evil and not really Wells) going into a secret room where he reads a holographic news story from the future. The article dealt with the Flash, and was written by Iris, complete with her married surname. The paper responsible for the article was the "Central City Citizen." 

Though the circumstances of this article have changed over the seasons as Barry has continually messed up time (it has functioned almost like Doc's tombstone in Back to the Future Part III), when last we saw the story, it was back in it's original form. In any case, let's get back to the question, which TVLine has an answer for via The Flash showrunner Todd Helbig.  

According to TVLine: 

"While the paper 'hasn’t officially been named yet,' Iris is 'going to do more journalism [in Season 5] than we’ve seen in quite a while, which is fun — to get Iris out on the streets again,' showrunner Todd Helbing previews. 'The whole idea is that we want to slowly build [her blog] into the Citizen, and she’s running this paper that we’ve seen since Day 1.'”

So Iris' blog, and her reporting, are well on their way to becoming the Central City Citizen. Does that mean that the fateful day referred to in the article is going to be seen on the show at some point? We're nowhere close to that, but this answer means that we might get there eventually. 

The Flash will zoom back into everyone's lives on October 9th. If you need to get excited, take a look at this super trailer that heralds the return of the entire Arrowverse.

(Via: TVLine)