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The Flash producer on the fate of Ralph Dibny, and will it stick?

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May 11, 2020, 9:57 PM EDT (Updated)

Last week’s episode of The Flash saw Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) meet his end when Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) took over Elongated Man’s body. Ralph was the last of the bus metas that the Thinker inhabited in order to house his ever-expanding mind, and the only one with the ability to contain it. So, since Ralph’s body is being preserved thanks to its stretchy powers, does that mean there’s a possibility he could be brought back thanks to some sort of McGuffin by Season 4's end?

In a new interview with TV Insider, Flash executive producer Todd Helbing opened up about the reasons they chose to kill off Ralph on the show, and what are the chances the fan-favorite character could ultimately be saved when DeVoe eventually bites the dust — or whether his death will stick.

“Ralph's ... he's gone,” Helbing said when the EP was asked if Elongated Man was dead dead. “Look, the journey that we wanted to take Barry on was very much [this]. He felt responsible for this guy and he brought him into the team. And even when he was in jail, the team was helping Ralph become a hero. And then Barry trains him and it has this impact on him that changes his sort of philosophy on how to stop villains moving forward — particularly the Thinker. And like I was talking about with Caitlin, it's very much a matter of Barry shouldering these problems himself in all the seasons up to this point.”

"This season has been like, 'I can't do this all the time by myself.' Nor should he have to!" Helbing added. "He has Vibe, he has Killer Frost, he has Iris and Joe and the super smart Harry Wells. So he has other people he can rely on and they're a team. But Barry needed to have this big loss in order for him to fully come around to 'We can do this together, we can try to stop DeVoe together.'”

When he was asked if that was the end we’ve seen of Hartley and Ralph on the show, Helbing responded in the affirmative, but added that DeVoe would be doing something that will taunt a very guilt-ridden Barry (Grant Gustin).

“Yes. There's one little thing that DeVoe does to taunt Barry, but that's all I'll say. And you know, Hartley Sawyer is so amazing, and you know ... But it's like, you gotta stick with the plan. This was something that we plotted out a year ago, [and] we explained Hartley exactly what his journey was gonna be,” he concluded.

Helbing’s answer definitely sounds like they do intend to have Ralph’s death stick on The Flash, which is a bit of a bummer since he was such a great and welcome addition to the cast this season.

Of course, the Arrowverse has killed off plenty of heroes along the way, and managed to find ways to bring them back time and time again. Heck, then most of them find their way over to Legends of Tomorrow. Who knows, give it a season or two and maybe Ralph will join the Waverider crew.

The Flash returns tonight on The CW with “Fury Rogue,” Wentworth Miller's final Arrowverse appearance.

(via TV Insider)