Killer Frost rampages and Savitar revealed in the latest episode of The Flash

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May 6, 2017, 12:42 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "I Know Who You Are," the latest episode of The CW's Flash!

The short version: Killer Frost goes after Tracy Brand, the future scientist who will eventually trap Savitar. After Savitar remains a step ahead of every move they make, Barry finally realizes the speed god's real identity … he's a future version of Barry himself.

The good: The Savitar reveal, Killer Frost, Joe's love life, Tracy

It's been the prevailing theory for a while now, and it turned out to apparently be right on the money: Savitar is a future version of Barry Allen, broken and pure evil by the loss of Iris. If you've been paying attention, it was telegraphed pretty heavily. Savitar often referred to himself as "the Future, Flash." Which, drop that comma, and he's literally saying he is "the future Flash." Then, this episode, Savitar tells Killer Frost everything about what Team Flash is planning, down to the inspirational speech Barry gives her to try and turn her back to the good side. It was a creepy moment, and if it wasn't clear already, that clinched it. Then, they hammered it home in the final moments, as Barry realizes the only person who could know all these things is himself. Or at least, some future version of himself. To that end: How can Barry defeat Savitar, if he's literally a future version of himself who knows every move he's going to make, because he's lived it? But, has he already changed the future by figuring it out, since the Barry from eight years in the future still didn't know Savitar's real identity? My head's starting to hurt.

We even get a good look at Evil Future Barry, and he looks to be sporting some scars. But, if anything, all this does is raise more questions than it answers. Is Savitar from some different timeline? Some broken result of the Flashpoint timeline? He tells Barry he created himself, which he literally did, by presumably killing Iris in the past to put himself on the path to eventually become Savitar. But … how did this timeline ever come to exit in the first place? Like, it seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but why would Future Barry ever murder Iris in the first to create himself? It's just an epic head scratcher, and the pressure is on to actually pull this one off. Here's hoping the writers' room is up to the task.

Caitlin is bordering on going full-on Killer Frost, and Danielle Panabaker looks to be having a whole lot of fun playing the bad guy. But, seriously, where did she find that outfit? Is there like a supervillain version of Hot Topic in Central City? Also, when did she learn how to go full-on Iceman and fly around the city? That was awesome, but crazy, right? The fact that Killer Frost would throw in so quickly with Savitar also makes sense now, considering she knows he's Future Barry. The Killer Frost story has been brewing for years now, and it's great to see her go down that path after all that set-up. Here's hoping the team gets Caitlin back, but the ride is proving to be a fun one.

The B-story this week was all about Joe and Cecile, and it was pretty great. Joe deserves some happiness and normalcy, and even though he almost blew it by pushing her away, he finally lets Cecile in on every part of his life. We don't know if she'll be a member of Team Flash, but she's certainly in the loop. Which is great, because they're positively adorable.

We also got to meet the mystery scientist Tracy Brand this week, the woman who will eventually figure out how to trap Savitar. Team Flash tells her pretty much everything, which understandably freaks her out. Tracy's story is an interesting little exploration of how knowing your future might affect you, and in her case, scare the heck out of her as she tries to live up to it. It looks like she'll be sticking around for a bit, and that should be interesting to explore. Also, she's actually really cute with HR.

Other great stuff: Cisco feeding HR lines. The Miles Dyson joke.

The bad: Cisco's fears, Wally's random disappearance

Look, we know Cisco and Caitlin are close, and it's understandable he'd be hesitant to shoot her with his Vibe powers (and his argument with Julian felt raw and real). But, c'mon dude, having him freeze up twice and have to be saved by Barry was a bit excessive, right? Cisco can control his powers enough to knock someone out, especially someone as wildly powerful as Killer Frost.

So, with all heck breaking loose, Wally decides to head off to Earth 3 to hang out with Jesse off-screen for an episode? Look, it's cool that Wally is keeping in touch with Jesse. They're great together. But, work on the timing, show. Wally's a hero, and it's hard to believe he'd go MIA with so much going on.

Lingering questions

First up, Team Flash has snagged some blood from Killer Frost, which Julian seems to believe could be critical in turning her back into Caitlin. That little vial of blood will probably prove critical in the future.

By revealing Future Barry is actually Savitar, there are just so many questions that need to be answered now. Like, why did he care about awakening people's meta human powers from the Flashpoint universe? Why has Future Barry suddenly decided he needs to have a cult of worshippers? Where did he get that suit? How did he get so fast? What's up with the scars? You get the point.

Next week: Cisco starts screwing around with Barry's mind. This should be fun.

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