Snart returns, an epic heist and Barry vs. Savitar in the penultimate Flash

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May 17, 2017

Spoilers ahead for "Infantino Street," the latest episode of The CW's Flash!

The short version: The team has 24 hours until Savitar kills Iris, and Barry enlists Snart's help to steal the one thing that could save her. It's pretty awesome, but sadly, the weapon still doesn't work. Savitar kills Iris. Fade to black until the season finale.

The good: This show needs more Snart, the clock hitting zero, the easter eggs

Between his Prison Break revival and shared-universe contract at The CW for the Arrow-verse, Wentworth Miller is a pretty busy dude. But bringing him back and teaming him up with the Flash for a heist was pretty much the best thing that's happened on this show in a while. And that's saying something, because this show has been pretty good as of late. It's a bit timey-wimey, considering he died at the end of Legends of Tomorrow's first season, but Barry essentially plucked that version of Snart from the time stream before his death and talks him into lending a hand to break into Argus and steal the generator they need to power the speed force canon and stop Savitar. That scene where they try to talk their way in? Perfect.

Snart's evolution into a pretty good guy was one of the best things about Legends' very uneven first season, and it was great to see that version of the character back (especially after the younger, more evil incarnation in Season 2 of Legends). These characters have great chemistry together, and it's easy to forget the impact Snart had during his guest roles in making The Flash such a great show in the first place. He's conniving, brilliant, and just a pleasure to watch. Yes, he might technically be dead, but they need to find a way to keep this character around next season. He's just too good to let go. If they can keep finding different versions of Harrison Wells, the comic book universe must have a way to get Snart back on the board, right?

The easy money was on getting to the big face-off with Savitar in the season finale next week, but no, we got to see Flash fail to save Iris' life as the big finale to "Infantino Street." Which was a little surprising, because it leaves a whole 'nother hour next week to sort out the messy details. Is Iris really dead? I'm thinking probably not? Or at least, that she'll come back in some way? Because they've pretty much established her as Barry's de facto love interest (which is faithful to the comics), and it'd be one heck of a gutsy move to take her out while the show is still in what is, probably, the middle of its full run (assuming it sticks around for 6+ seasons, which looks likely). Not to mention we still have another hour next week. It as a shocking scene, but I'm not quite sold on Iris being gone just yet. But hey, I've been surprised before.

Last but not least, this episode did a fantastic job of reminding us all that this show is set in a shared universe. Lyla and Argus pop in from Arrow, Cisco gets a text from Felicity, and we get nods to everything from the Suicide Squad, to Gorilla Grodd, and the Dominators' invasion within the Argus facility. It's not in your face, and it's not heavy-handed, but it shows just how rich this world has become over the past five years. To that end… why hasn't Barry thought to call up Supergirl to lend a hand? Sure, she's pretty busy with her own alien invasion right now, but c'mon. You can't have a multiverse without explaining why Barry hasn't pulled out all the stops just yet.

The bad: Not much, though HR was a bit annoying

Tom Cavanagh is one of the best things about this show, and the fact that they've found ways to keep him in the cast — by literally tracking down versions of Harrison Wells from alternate realities — is a testament to that. But, this episode featured two versions of Wells, and it was a stark reminder that one is tremendously cooler than the other. H.R. had started to grow on me, but seeing Harry back (and trying to pull a gun on a speed god) was just epic. H.R. is fine, but there's a version of Wells out there that is so much cooler. This show needs more Harry, along with Captain Cold. Put simply, H.R. beating himself up over spilling the beans to incognito Savitar felt like a weird beat in this episode, with so much else going on.

Lines of the night

"Is it spying if we're friends?" - Cisco

"If Cisco saves my life, tell him I'll put in a good word with my sister." - Snart

"No strings on me." - Snart

"Your goodness is your strength." - Snart

Lingering questions

So, is Iris really dead? We still don't know, though I can say her death scene was manufactured in a lab to pretty much rip your heart out. Rolling that scene out into agonizing slow motion, and setting it all against the farewell video she recorded for Barry, was positively brutal. If Iris really is dead, that was one heck of a way to go.

Cisco goes to meet Killer Frost to try and talk her down, though going at all pretty much fulfills their fated fight in the woods. With Barry pulling the speed force bazooka on Savitar, and recruiting Snart to help, they've proven they can tweak this timeline. So, it'll be interesting to see if Cisco has any luck appealing to the lingering humanity inside Killer Frost.

The teaser for the finale doesn't tell us much, so the big question is: where do we go from here? Thankfully, we only have to wait a week to find out.

Up next: Hope is dead. Yay?

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