The Flash stars on the fallout of that shocking death and what it means for Barry

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Apr 19, 2018, 5:18 PM EDT

WARNING: Spoilers for the latest episode of The Flash "Lose Yourself" follow.

This week’s dramatic Flash episode dealt a massive blow to Team Flash when one of their own was killed by the show’s Season 4 Big Bad, Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands). What will the fallout be moving forward for The CW series?

Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) paid the ultimate price when The Thinker took over his body, adding Dibny AND Edwin Gauss (Arturo Del Puerto) in one fell swoop to his “collection” of bus metas. The loss of Elongated Man was made even more tragic because while Dibny had prepared himself to cross the line of killing DeVoe to save his friends, it was Barry’s insistence that this one’s life be spared and Ralph eventually deciding to follow Barry’s (Grant Gustin) advice that led him to his doom. Ouch. But hey, the Scarlet Speedster is going to get to carry that guilt around for a while so…


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Gustin explained how Barry will deal with the loss of Ralph in a different way since this one figures he doesn’t have time to mourn his fallen comrade. That mindset will lead to some setbacks for Team Flash in their fight against DeVoe.

“Barry’s kind of in denial about his role in Ralph’s death,” Gustin told EW. “He’s taking it pretty hard, but he’s kind of repressing it a little bit and wants to keep moving, because we still have DeVoe to deal with. Barry has some guilt that he feels just because he feels like he didn’t do everything that he could do, and he pushed Ralph too hard. It feels just like another person that died because of Barry. It’s kind of getting in the way of dealing with DeVoe for a couple episodes, just because Barry is having a hard time dealing with both of those things at the same time.”

Co-star Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon, aka Vibe, also teased the fact that Barry will take Ralph’s death differently than that of the other bus metas killed by DeVoe.

“There’s something about this death that affects Barry in a way that previous losses haven’t,” Valdes said. “He put an emotional investment in Ralph’s growth, and the fact that Ralph was able to become a hero, that’s what makes it tough for Barry to deal with that death. There’s also an added layer to the sadness, just considering how prescient Ralph’s fears were this whole time — he’s been scared to take on that mantle, and just when he found the courage to counteract that, he got killed.”

Looks like dealing with DeVoe will indeed take a back seat as soon as next week when Barry will ask for Leo Snart/Citizen Cold’s help in transporting a dangerous meta in “Fury Rogue.” The episode will also mark Wentworth Miller’s final official appearance in the Arrowverse.

(via EW)