The Flash to introduce DC baddie Brainstorm in midseason finale

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:26 AM EDT (Updated)

Brainstorm (aka Dominic Lanse) will be the latest supervillain to join The CW's Flash, according to a report by Deadline. He will be played by Kendrick Sampson of White Famous and How to Get Away With Murder, who has signed a multi-episode arc with Warner Bros. Television Group for the role. The character is set to arrive in the show's winter finale, "Don't Run," which airs Tuesday, December 5. 

Lanse is actually a newer iteration of the character, appearing in the New 52 DC comics as an enemy of Mister Terrific. He was a scientist in Silicon Valley who, after an accident, gained the ability to absorb other intelligences into his own. Sampson's Brainstorm is the second genius-level supervillain to enter this universe, joining Neil Sandilands's Thinker. For a show that typically features speedster rogues, it's an interesting change of pace. Pun intended.

However, The Flash's take on the villain will be different from that of the comics. According to the report: "Dominic is an affable TSA Agent who becomes the unwitting recipient of meta-human powers. Now Dominic bears the gift and curse of reading people’s thoughts, whether he wants to or not."

This casting development comes at a tumultuous time for the series, in the wake of showrunner Andrew Kreisberg's firing due to sexual harassment allegations. He will be replaced by longtime producer Greg Berlanti as head of the series.