The Flash works at Walmart in new Justice League cross-promotion

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:27 AM EDT (Updated)

We still have a few months until DC’s heroes unite in Justice League, but the cross-promotion marketing blitz is already heating up — and it seems The Flash has found his summer job. You know, when he’s not superhero-ing or doing some lab work.

A new commercial featuring the Flash working at Walmart to direct customers to open lines has popped up in the wild, which will almost certainly just be the first of about a trillion tie-in marketing deals to remind you DC has a new movie coming out. The spot is pretty boring, honestly, but the effects aren’t bad. There’s also no dialogue, so you know it ain’t Ezra Miller in that costume. But hey, The Flash would definitely be employee of the month, right? Dude can work that express lane like nobody’s business.

Considering we just saw Marvel Studios drop some tie-ins for Spider-Man: Homecoming in recent months, it’s an interesting juxtaposition to see how the studios approach these projects. Take that extended Audi commercial, for example. Sure, it was designed to sell you a car, but it also told its own little story and had some great one-liners along the way. Yes, you’re still watching a marketing tie-in, but it at least holds your attention.

As we head into the final stretch before Justice League opens November 17, it’ll be interesting to see if Warner Bros. and DC up their tie-in game. If you’re going to make these things, at least make them good, right?

Check out the commercial below and let us know what you think:

(Via Screen Rant)