The Flash's Grant Gustin says Crisis on Earth-X tops all past crossovers

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Mar 26, 2021, 11:03 PM EDT (Updated)

This year's superhero crossover between The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, the in-progress Crisis on Earth-X, centers around Barry Allen and Iris West's highly-anticipated wedding. The joyous occasion reunited friends, family and fellow costumed crimefighters. However, beware of wedding crashers. The treacherous villains from Earth-X ruined everything with their own deadly agenda.

Tuesday night's episode of The Flash finds the defeated good guys at the mercy of their treacherous foes. Somehow, they must escape their Earth-X prison, return home, save a friend and overcome their deadly opponents.

In a Vancouver hotel room, the Scarlet Speedster himself, Grant Gustin, recently told a few reporters that the crossover experience was "bigger than ever."

"We knew it was going to be bigger than ever, too," Gustin explained. "But, every year, you can't really prepare yourself. You think you're preparing yourself, knowing that the crossover is coming, but it's a big thing. It's a really challenging feat. Every year we top it. Again, we topped it.

"There's more people than ever included, some of the biggest sequences you'll see, with the most superheroes we've ever seen together at any given time," he continued. "But, at least on The Flash side of things, we stick with the comedy we've had all year. That still exists within the crossover. Barry and Kara have a few interactions that are fun, classic Barry and Kara interactions. I meet a couple of new characters. It's bigger than ever before."

Whether Barry and Iris ultimately tie the knot remains to be seen. But, as Gustin noted, the show has "been leading up to this wedding for a long time and it's not even on The Flash. It's technically on a different show."

"I'm interested to see how some viewers feel about that," Gustin said. "But, it's also how this show started. This show started on Arrow. We've consistently had these crossovers and we're bringing so many characters together for this wedding, so it's kind of fitting that it happens somewhere else."

In the meantime, it's all hands on deck. Every hero receives a moment to shine against their Earth-X adversaries. That includes Caitlin Snow, who unleashes her icy alter-ego, Killer Frost, on multiple occasions.

"Obviously, last year I had my powers, sort of, but didn't cross over to as many of the other shows," Danielle Panabaker explained in a separate interview later in the week. "I really just went to Legends and this year was nice because I finally got the chance to suit up, as it were, and get out there and fight with everyone."

A certain hothead even takes a liking to Killer Frost.

"Both Caitlin and Killer Frost do get to interact with a lot of different characters in our universe," noted Panabaker. "Some of them she knew before. I have some really funny interactions with Dom's character. Heat Wave's really into Killer Frost.

"He'd really like to know a little more about her," Panabaker concluded. "He'd really like to figure out how to make her come out, as well."