The Flash's Robbie Amell starring in The Office creator's futuristic comedy, Upload

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Jan 3, 2018, 11:00 PM EST

The Office’s Greg Daniels is bringing a Black Mirror spin to his new comedy pilot for Amazon, and now he’s found his lead.

According to Deadline, Robbie Amell (who played Ronnie Raymond, aka Firestorm, aka Deathstorm, on The Flash) will star in Upload, a “high-concept single-camera comedy pilot” set in the future.

The show, following a similar thread as Black Mirror episodes “San Junipero” and “Black Museum,” posits a way to let people put their consciousnesses “into their preferred choice of afterlife” (or “upload” them). Amell’s character Nathan dies prematurely and meets Nora in his heaven.

The series will follow the pair as they work and live (okay, "live" might be the wrong word ... exist?) alongside one another in a world that seems like a technological dream.

Beyond this, the project is shrouded in secrecy, unlike the pilots Amazon brought to Amazon Prime Video for the world to see before any were ordered to series. However, with Amell’s addition, the pilot seems certain to balance the workplace comedy of Daniels’ past with the genre flair of Amell’s filmography. Are you intrigued?