New 5-disc The Fly Blu-ray box set buzzing into stores this March

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May 3, 2017, 12:57 PM EDT (Updated)

David Cronenberg's The Fly celebrated its 30th anniversary last year and attracted a considerable swarm of new attention and tributes to the franchise, including Syfy Wire's comprehensive video salute. Its disgusting body horror and unsettling transformation scenes by FX master Chris Walas are still a swift kick in the gut three decades later.  

Now, Cronenberg's The Fly is joining a full-on swarm of cinematic Flies for an upcoming Blu-ray box set. 

Fans of the fantastic sci-fi horror series will surely thrill to Via Vision Entertainment's fresh repackaging of every Fly film ever hatched, all buzzing around inside one beautiful Blu-ray box set titled The Fly: The Ultimate Collection, set for a March 8 release. Besides being a breeding ground for hours of bonus material and deleted scenes, it also marks the first time The Fly II and Curse of the Fly have been available in HD.

Check out the description and official details:

This limited edition includes the original 1958 The Fly, Return of the Fly (1959), Curse of The Fly (1965), the 30th anniversary special edition of David Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986) and The Fly II – Special Edition (1989).

This 1080p set will contain five discs and an array of must-have supplementary materials for horror and sci-fi collectors and fans of the franchise. Some of these include the documentaries Fear of the Flesh, The Brundle Museum of Natural History, The Fly Papers, deleted scenes, extended scenes, audio commentary by director Chris Walas, alternate ending, film tests and much more. This is a worldwide premiere on Blu-ray for The Fly II and Curse of The Fly and the first time every film in the franchise has been packaged together on high definition.

Special Features:

The Fly (1958)
 > Audio Commentary with David Hedsion & Historian David Del Valle
 > Biography: Vincent Price Documentary
 > Fly Trap: Catching A Classic
 > Fox Movietone News
 > Theatrical Trailer

The Fly (1986)
 > Audio Commentary with David Cronenberg
 > Fear Of The Flesh: The Making of The Fly
 > The Brundle Museum of Natural History
 > Deleted Scenes
 > Extended Scenes
 > Film Tests (visual effects)

The Fly II (1989)
 > Audio Commentary With Chris Walas & Historian Bob Burns
 > Deleted Scene
 > Alternate "houseboat" Ending
 > Trailers
 > The Fly Papers: The Buzz on Hollywood's Scariest Insect
 > Transformations: Looking Back At The Fly II
 > Film Production Journal
 > Composer's Master Class: Christopher Young
 > Original Theatrical EPK
 > Storyboard To Film (Optional Commentary)

Have a peek at the box art below and tell us if this awesome The Fly collection might soar into your window.

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