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The Frankenstein mythos gets a wiseguy twist in Paul Tobin's new Made Men

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Aug 24, 2017

Just when you think the Frankenstein mythology has been mined to death, along comes an innovative reimagining of the immortal Mary Shelley story from Oni Press and writer Paul Tobin (Bandette, Plants vs Zombies).

Conceived as a sort of Goodfellas with a classic horror makeover, Made Men explores the macabre world of Jutte, a descendant of the Frankenstein clan whose entire police team is ambushed and killed in action. Seeking revenge and redemption, she creeps back into the family business and pieces her friends back together then must make an alliance with the mob to discover the reasons for the vicious attack.

Made Men will feature art by Arjuna Susini and Gonzalo Duarte and explores the severe ramifications of raising the dead and Jutte's emergence as a vital link to the Frankenstein legacy.

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Tobin elaborated more on his new comic series in a new interview with Newsarama:

"It’s inspired, obviously, by the Frankenstein mythos, though I’m taking it waaay beyond Mary Shelley’s writings. Jutte, the main character, is a direct descendant, and though she avoids it at first, she’s a talented member of the family. ...The title, of course, is a play on both how her squad is 'made men' in two ways: the slang term for a mobster who has killed, and also in the literal manner of speaking, as Jutte actually made these men and women. ...

"Once I had her locked in place, I started to flesh her out. I have a whole dossier of things she likes to do, memories of favorite moments in her life, her likes, and dislikes, little personal things that make Jutte into who she is. Most of this stuff will never make it onto the page, but I like to know where a character is coming from. It informs their actions in a much more tangible way than just a scribbled mental note of, 'She fights for justice!” "

Have a peek at this four-page preview in the gallery below and tell us if this new horror crime series sounds like something to swear your loyalty to.

(Via Newsarama)

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