The full trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has finally landed

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Feb 5, 2018, 8:32 AM EST

The making of Solo: A Star Wars Story can be summed up in Han's line from A New Hope when he, Luke, and Chewie infiltrate the Death Star: "Uh, everything is under control. Situation normal. Had a slight weapons malfunction. But, uh, everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?"

After the business with Phil Lord and Chris Miller last summer, some fans wondered if replacement director Ron Howard would be able to deliver the movie by Memorial Day as the months crept by with nary a trace of marketing material. Our doubts were unfounded, however, as the first teaser aired last night during the Super Bowl with the full trailer airing this morning during ABC's Good Morning America

Check out the full trailer right here:

Clocking in at just a minute-and-a-half, there's a lot ot unpack from this trailer. For one thing, we finally get to see if Alden Ehrenreich (Hail, Caesar!) is able to pull of a young Harrison Ford. And you know what? He pulls off the cocky arrogance and charm of the renegade smuggler pretty darn well. As he tells us via voiceover, he was kicked out of the Flight Academy for having a mind of his own, but that he still has his sights on being the best pilot the galaxy's ever seen.

For another thing, we now know what the film will be about...sort of. Han's criminal mentor, Beckett (Woody Harrelson), is putting together some kind of crew, which includes Emilia Clarke's Kira and Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian. Having beenrun scams on the street since he was 10, Solo is perfect for this squad of scoundrels. The Empire will be present as well from that shot of the Millenium Falcon being chased by a Star Destroyer and Tie Fighters into an asteroid field that serves as the lair of some tentacled creature. Speaking of the iconic Corellian freighter, it's brand-spankin' new with pristine hallways and everything. 

You can also enjoy four new character posters that were also released this morning. When it rains, it pours, right? Check out all four in the gallery at the bottom.


Somehow, the Solo trailer feels so familiar, yet so new, a blend of the old and the different. That guitar riff we keep hearing during the trailer conveys a unique sense of punk rock attitude that we've not seen in a Star Wars movie yet. This definitely seems like it will shake the franchise on a few fronts. 

Similarly, the first full trailer for Avengers: Infinity War also aired during GMA back in November and smashed records as the most-viewed trailer in history

Solo: A Star Wars Story is still (thankfully) arriving on May 25.