The future is a scary place in all 6 trailers for Black Mirror Season 4

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Dec 5, 2017

The six-episode fourth season of Netflix’s Black Mirror has finally released all the trailers for its episodes ahead of its release. While we’ve written about the individual trailers, here’s a fully compiled list of what audiences can expect from the newest mind-bending crop of anthology TV from Charlie Brooker:


Forgotten or misremembered memories come coaxed out during the Kiran Sonia Sawar-led teaser. The spot blends psychological paranoia with the techy futurism Black Mirror always delivers upon.



The Jodie Foster-directed episode dives into the fears of parenthood and the terrifying logical conclusion for helicopter parents of the future.


“USS Callister”

A Star Trek riff, this episode looks to bring its critique of power abuse through a fun parody that will inevitably take an awful turn. Just look at those glowing hands.


“Hang the DJ”

The world of online dating gets the Black Mirror treatment in this mid-season episode, but it’s not the Tinder or Bumble you’re used to. The personal assistant-like dating helper seems just great enough at first to really sell the Twilight Zone twist coming down the pike.



The first episode to be in black and white, “Metalhead” is as bleak as its palette. About a woman that finds a “dog” (which seems dubious considering she describes it as “operational”), the episode looks like the most action-packed of the season.

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“Black Museum”

Following a woman that works at a sociopathic museum, exhibiting the worst humankind has to offer, “Black Museum” looks to be a Westworld-esque slasher. Violence will surely follow, though the mental torture could always be worse. It’s Black Mirror, after all.


Those are the six trailers, all adequately spooky and just off enough to inspire viewers to feel extra uncertain about enjoying any advances in real life’s current technology.

No word yet on when the episodes will go live, though the season is expected to drop soon.


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