The gang catches Diaz(?!) as flash forward mysteries unravel in the latest Arrow

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Nov 20, 2018, 4:52 PM EST (Updated)

After carrying over the Big Bad from the previous season, the search to capture Diaz took a surprising turn this week — though it stands to reason he and the Longbow Hunters still have plenty of trouble left to cause. Oh, and the flash-forward story seems to have laid out its mysterious mission.

Spoilers ahead for “Due Process,” the latest episode of The CW’s Arrow, which aired Monday, Nov. 19, 2018.

With Oliver still behind bars, this week’s story really put Felicity front and center to grapple with a lot of the challenges we’ve seen Oliver battle in past seasons. She’s come to realize the “old” Felicity didn’t have the stomach to stop Diaz, so she’s tried to become someone colder, meaner, and more ruthless to get the job done. Much like young Oliver, she’s aided in that journey by Anatoly, who the team rescues from Diaz’s clutches. Anatoly tells her not to make excuses or apologies for making the tough calls. If she wants to stop Diaz, she’ll need to be ruthless — and Anatoly pushes the pendulum to that side.

Felicity’s harder edge seemingly works, as she manages to track Diaz and stop him before he can set off a massive bomb that would’ve leveled Star City. With an assist by the New Green Arrow (who, upon closer inspection, looks to be a woman maybe; or at least someone with a smaller build?), the team knocks out Diaz and gets him into police custody. Felicity pulls a gun on him, and seems almost ready to kill him in cold blood. But Laurel has managed to finagle a new deal for Oliver in exchange for handing Diaz over to federal custody. If he lives, they can effectively “swap” him for Oliver’s freedom.

The fact that Laurel bursts into the room (again) as the voice of reason is a testament to just how far they’ve moved these characters around up to this point. Laurel is on her quest for redemption, and while she still clings to her villainous tendencies at times, she does what’s right. Even when Oliver tried to push her away to refuse her help, she kept at it anyway. It’s clear the writers want her to start sliding into some of that old Laurel role, and her burgeoning friendship with Felicity has made for an interesting way to do it. It’s early, but at this point, it does seem to be working.

Back to the future: The flash-forward arc played a major role this week, with adult William and Old Man Roy learning that future Felicity (allegedly) died just a few weeks prior to their arrival in the remnants of Star City. In the decades we’ve missed, Felicity apparently adopted her father’s old super villain name The Calculator and started running in some very shady circles (which is what apparently got her killed). It seems the future team will be spending the foreseeable future trying to piece together how and why Felicity was killed (assuming she’s actually dead), and why she had plans on her computer to blow up Star City.

Assorted musings


So it seems Oliver’s happy-go-lucky prison buddy might not be as “innocent” as presumed. He seemingly manipulates Oliver into implicating Turner for the murder of a guard, when it seems he might’ve actually done it after all. Turns out prison might not be the best place to make friends, after all.

In the future, Roy tells Dinah that the message he found on Oliver’s bow was the “mark of four”? What does that mean? Any theories?

After working in all different directions, Team Arrow is briefly reunited in the quest to take down Diaz. The work of the New Green Arrow also seems to be swaying some public opinion in regard to Star City’s anti-vigilante legislation. Could the tide turn this year?

Next week: Diaz goes to prison, but it doesn’t go well. There looks to be a full-on riot at Slabside, with Diaz right in the center of the action.