The genre shows that have been axed this Upfronts season (so far)

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May 11, 2018, 9:35 PM EDT

May is "Upfronts" season: the time when TV networks show off their new pickups in order to set advertising prices. Sounds pretty boring, perhaps, but it is your first chance to get to know the new shows you can expect to see next season. Similarly, it also shows you what isn't coming back, or what pilots will never air (at least not on the network that originally ordered them).

We've already posted a list of all the new genre shows that were picked up (so far). But what about the stuff that was canceled, or never made it past a pilot? To more thoroughly help you manage your fall TV-viewing schedule, we've also rounded up the genre television shows that have been unceremoniously canceled this Upfronts season.

Currently airing shows that have been canceled:

The Crossing (ABC)

This under-the-radar sci-fi series followed 47 refugees who turn up in a small fishing town, claiming to be escaping from a war that happened 180 years in the future. Unfortunately, the past isn't any rosier. The show has been canceled after only one season.

The Exorcist (Fox)

Though initially greeted with many an eyeroll from hardcore horror fans, The Exorcist, based on the William Peter Blatty novel, was well received when it went to air. But unfortunately, the power of Christ compelled it away after two seasons.

The Expanse (SYFY)

Though we still have most of the third season ahead of us, The Expanse has been canceled beyond that. Based on the James S.A. Corey book series, The Expanse follows the colonization of space by humans.

Marvel's Inhumans (ABC)

No surprise here: Marvel's much-hyped -- and much-maligned -- comic book series Inhumans aired eight poorly received episodes. The network will not bring it back.

Last Man on Earth (Fox)

Last Man on Earth isn't on Earth anymore. The sitcom, starring Will Forte, was set after a mysterious apocalypse where humanity just disappeared. The show lasted four seasons, and found a surprisingly large amount of additional humans as the episodes went on.

Lucifer (Fox)

Fan favorite (though obviously not enough fans) Lucifer has been canceled after three seasons. Based on the comic book character who originated in The Sandman books, Lucifer grew bored in hell and abandoned his throne in order to move to a new hell: the Los Angeles club scene. The series finale will air on May 14.

Pilots that did not get picked up to air:

Tremors (SYFY)

The Tremors pilot would have returned Kevin Bacon to his iconic role as Valentine McKee, still trying to save the world from Graboids. But SYFY decided not to pick up the show to series.

Wayward Sisters (The CW)

This Supernatural spinoff focused on sheriff Jody Mills, and will not be picked up to series. This is the second backdoor pilot from The CW's longest-running series to get the boot. The first was Bloodlines, which was set up during Supernatural's ninth season.