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Marvel series The Gifted canceled after two seasons at Fox

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Apr 18, 2019, 7:48 AM EDT (Updated)

It sounds like The Gifted will be going back without a refund. 

The Fox series, which was set in the X-Men universe, has been canceled after two seasons. According to Variety, the first season started off strong, averaging just under 3 1/2 million total viewers per episode. By the time Season 2 came around, which just concluded in February, the average viewership had dipped to just under 2 million.

The Gifted followed a group of suburban kids who, after learning they have mutant powers, are forced to live underground to survive. Soon thereafter, they learn of the opposing sides in the human/mutant debacle.

It does make some sense for the show to come to an end. Fox, the network that aired the series, is now owned by Disney, which is busy getting all its Marvel toys in one sandbox. In doing so, the current iteration of the X-Men films are getting their curtain call with the upcoming Dark Phoenix. Now that the characters will (almost certainly) be recast and gradually re-introduced into the MCU's continuity, The Gifted became another loose end that Disney needed to tie up.

The Gifted's showrunner Matt Nix had told SYFY WIRE earlier this year that he wasn't sure about the possibility of a third season. Around that time, Netflix had begun pulling the plug on its street-level MCU shows, including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher -- which seemed like an ominous sign.

Now, as Disney starts stacking its deck for the November launch of its own streaming service, Disney+,  it's unclear what the future for The Gifted holds -- if anything.