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The Gifted creator Matt Nix teases Morlocks for Season 2

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Jan 15, 2018, 4:29 PM EST

The talented youngsters of Fox's The Gifted might have their season finale tonight (8:00 EST on Fox), but thankfully they are already prepping their return for Season 2. What new adventures or characters might be in store? Executive producer Matt Nix shared some of his thoughts in an interview with Comic Book Resources

When asked what mutants or areas of the X-mythology might be on his "bucket list," Nix was clear that the best thing about having a second season in the first place is that he gets to "geek out" over his favorite comics. What's the first aspect he mentions? None other than the underground society of outcasts known as the Morlocks. 

As he says, "One thing I would love to do is there has been some great Morlock stuff. Obviously, we have used some characters, but the whole mythology around the Morlocks really fits into our world. I’m really interested in that."

Even with the recent acquisition (Disney buying Fox with all of the X-Men included), Nix has to be wary of what the films are planning. "What we do is very affected by what the movies are doing. We have to stay out of their way and they have to stay out of our way," Nix adds. 

Are there other non-Morlock areas he's interested in? Most definitely, but none of them are as straightforward. He mentions X-Factor, but also says that "it’s too big of a chunk of X-Men mythology, given what the features are doing."  He mentions the Hellfire Club (and the use of it in X-Men: First Class) as well, saying, "They are rebuilding the Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club is in no better shape than the Mutant Underground, except they have more money and cooler offices. When I think about the Morlocks, it’s more straightforward."

As far as Nix is concerned, the Morlocks are a flexible part of X-Men lore, "even though the movies have touched on them ... we can explore that world without stepping on certain things." 

Even though the ever-expanding world of the X-films (and the bonkers continuity within them) is a constant concern (as well as recent acquisitions), it would seem like things on The Gifted will continue to evolve. What corners of the mutant realm would you like the show to explore? Let us know in the comments! 

(Via Comic Book Resource)