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The Gifted promises a full-on mutant uprising in new season 2 teaser

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Aug 14, 2018

Marvel's superhero series The Gifted looks to be ramping up the intensity for its upcoming second season, with one character even calling for a full-on mutant uprising. 

"Some still believe in the failed dream of the X-Men, that we should live with those who despise us," says the mysterious new character, Reeva (Grace Byers). 

This sentiment seems to build off the reveal in season one that The Hellfire Club was out there instigating violent acts against humanity, making it much harder for those mutants out there trying to foster peace. As you can see in the promo teaser below, Reeva is not only ready to flex her muscles as this season's big bad, but that her call to revolution is starting to gain some serious ground.  

Just like the trailer indicates, with the two rival ideologies at odds with one another, these characters will not only have to choose their side, but fight for whichever one they believe in. 

At The Gifted's panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year, it was made clear that the show is ready to expand the X-Men universe in new and exciting ways. Now, with the Hellfire Club in full swing, along with the promise that the Morlocks are coming, it seems the X-Men spinoff is ready to do just that. 

We won't find out what's all in store until season two of The Gifted premieres Tuesday, September 25th on Fox. What are you hoping happens in The Gifted this year? Let us know in the comments. 

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