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The Gifted showrunner teases love interests, Purifiers for Season 2

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Sep 11, 2018, 1:25 PM EDT

Fox’s mutant Marvel show The Gifted has been teasing its second season with X-Men deep cuts since the first ended. Now we know a little bit more about all the comicky goodness that’ll be making its way into the post-X-Men drama. The Hellfire Club! Morlocks! Purifiers! Oh my!

According to showrunner Matt Nix (via IGN), the second season’s time jump wasn’t just to speed up the ideological conflict, but to push its characters to a point where they could meet additional factions from the comics in a much more fleshed-out way than in Season 1.

Factions like the "real" Mutant Underground: the Morlocks. They “have a completely different take on mutant freedom and mutant rights, which is essentially a separatist vision of how things should be,” said Nix. “They don’t want anything to do with the war between the humans [and mutants]." Their argument takes on the politics of passing in the show, whereas the Mutant Underground of the first season attempted to go the old Professor X route of peaceful coexistence.

"The leader of the Morlocks is a character named Erg — Michael Luwoye plays him, he’s Hamilton on Broadway — and he’s just this magnetic, charismatic figure. And one of the things we look at is the idea that not all mutants are the same,” Nix said. “You live a very different life if you’re Blink and you have alien-looking green eyes and facial markings and purple hair, versus if you’re Thunderbird and you look like Native American Johnny Depp." So Blink and Thunderbird’s relationship feels these bumps over the season as the former is swayed by a group that understands the realities of her appearance.

Then there’s the antagonistic Hellfire Club's Inner Circle (run by Reeva Payge), which are “true believers” after a mutant homeland. There’s also the hate group of the Purifiers. "This year we’re gonna meet the Purifiers in a big way,” Nix said, “and their perspective — not without justification — is, a world where people with superpowers are running around is never gonna be safe for humans, so we do a much more human exploration." Jace will be getting involved with the violent anti-mutant militants, getting a storyline sympathetic to his perspective.

“We’re exploring this guy essentially getting involved with a hate group, but exploring the reasons why he does that — why it feels like not just a legitimate choice, but a noble choice for him," Nix said. Some of these deeper character moments will come by way of flashback, as Nix teased Polaris, Blink, and Eclipse origin moments that explain how they became who they are today.

Finally, the troubled telekinetic Andy will get a love interest just as scary as him. “That has been a super favorite character for everyone to work on,” Nix said. “And she represents another perspective. She’s charming and she’s awesome, and ultimately she even scares the Inner Circle." Wait, the Inner Circle as in the big bad guys? The killers? This woman sounds awesome.

You’ll have to wait to meet her when The Gifted’s second season premieres on Sept. 25.