The Gifted will introduce two of the X-Men's baddest villains this season

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Nov 7, 2017, 11:03 AM EST

Since the names of The Gifted's leading family were first revealed, fans have been speculating over whether they could in fact be related to some particularly sinister villains in comics lore. Now, thanks to a summary for an upcoming episode, we have a little more knowledge to work with regarding the Struckers and any not-so-good people that may be in their extended fam.

According to TV Guide, in the episode titled "Threat Of eXtinction," which is scheduled to air on Nov. 20, Strucker patriarch Reed (Stephen Moyer) will have to reach out to his estranged father in an attempt to learn more about his family's mutant lineage. After all, both of his kids are mutants — so how did that happen, exactly? According to the cast listed in the summary, Paul Cooper and Caitlin Mehner will be making their debut on the show as Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker, respectively — and X-Men fans will recognize those names as belonging to some pretty Big Bads in the comics canon.

Created by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr., the Von Strucker twins first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #194 in 1985. They're the children of the supervillain Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, a former Nazi officer who went on to become one of the leaders of HYDRA (and was played by Thomas Kretschmann in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron).

Like their father, the twins are Nazi sympathizers; they developed bio-energy powers from genetic modification while they were in utero, and can utilize them when they are in physical contact with one another. It looks as if Reed's estranged family might be a little more menacing than we originally thought.

Reed isn't the only Strucker who's going to have to deal with some new mutant additions to the cast; his daughter Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) will also be introduced to a new friend named Wes now that she's joined the Mutant Underground. Lind didn't expand on what his powers will be in an interview with CBR, but she did tease that Wes' arrival will "[open] up a new world" for her character when he makes his debut in tonight's episode.

Have you been watching The Gifted this season? Are there any characters you're hoping will make their debut?