Ralph Breaks the Internet

The Golden Girls almost went viral in a deleted cameo from Ralph Breaks the Internet

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Nov 24, 2018, 8:35 PM EST

Ralph and Vanellope weren't going to be the only best friends in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Just about every cameo imaginable, from all Disney princesses you can cram into one group selfie to Marvel superheroes and personified Internet spam, is jammed into the Wreck-It Ralph sequel, but there was one that almost flew in from Miami. The Golden Girls were that close to being immortalized in 3D CGI.

What does that have to do with video game characters traversing the internet? When co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston were dreaming up the virtual landscape Vanellope would have to search to buy a replacement part for her (imaginary) video game after it crashes in hot fudge, they decided to have her make a pit stop at the (real) website OhMy.Disney.com. This magical place for Disney superfans is a virtual theme park of news, quizzes, clips, and more that isn’t just limited to the studio’s animated properties.

It was after touring that part of the internet for a while that Rich Moore and Phil Johnston had a revelation. You would too if you clicked on something like this.

"As we were studying the OhMy.Disney website… The Golden Girls were weirdly prominent throughout,” Johnston told Yahoo Entertainment. “They really lean in on that website to The Golden Girls. A lot of quizzes, a lot of lists…”

The directors gave cameos to all four gals, but when they “threw it in the movie animatic,” as Johnston said, “People were like, what?!” “It was a little confusing,” adds Moore. “If you were not familiar with the website, it was a bit confusing.”

Even Golden Girls fans who have seen every rerun at least six times may not know that the fab foursome from the golden era of ‘80s sitcoms aren’t just TV legends, but Disney legends. Remember that episode when Dorothy took a Sophia to Disney World—and Sophia was ready to blast off and ride Space Mountain?

“You’re asking my regrets when I’m on my deathbed?” Johnston posed the ultimate rhetorical question. “It’s that—that the Golden Girls are not in this movie.”

(via Yahoo Entertainment)