The Good Place blows Michael’s mind in forkin’ hilarious Season 3 preview

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Sep 12, 2018, 4:54 PM EDT

One thing you can say about Ted Danson’s Michael: To be an eternal being, he’s not exactly jaded. The way The Good Place architect lights up with delight at the simple discovery that human beings have mastered the ability to fuse a Pizza Hut and a Taco Bell into one structure…well, it’s exactly what we’ve been missing while we wait for the start of Season 3.

NBC evidently has some empathy for all us patient devotees waiting in Good Place limbo, because today it unloaded a hefty four-minute preview clip that shows the hilarious lengths Michael’s willing to go to to give Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani another lease at life.

The Good Place on YouTube

Thanks to Michael’s kinder, gentler, less selfish brand of intervention, Eleanor dodges that fateful train of shopping carts, Chidi doesn’t get run over by that killer bicycle, Tahani misses her appointment with the falling statue, and Jason…well, we’re not sure he’s better off for it, but he stumbles out of that airtight safe intact — a little humiliated, sure…but at least he’s still Jason, and he’s still alive.

Michael even gets meta about the alternate timeline that his benevolent meddling is sure to create, taking part in an eminently rewatchable back-and-forth with The Doorman (yep, that’s his name, and that’s his job), who warns Michael in no uncertain terms not to touch the special key that opens up the alternate dimension.

If all this talk of timelines and fourth wall breaks makes it sound like you’ll need a degree in the history of The Good Place to pick up the show with the start of Season 3, don’t be scared off. While it might take a beat to figure out who Michael is, why he cares so much about these lovable misfits, and why he’s visiting Earth, The Good Place is the sort of show that explains itself pretty effortlessly as it goes along — and by the time you’ve made it through an episode (or perhaps even this clip), you’ll want to go back and catch Seasons 1 and 2 anyway.

As for Season 3, it’ll be here forkin’ soon: The Good Place returns to NBC beginning Sept. 27.