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The Good Place lands Chrome extension that will make you watch your forkin' language

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Aug 23, 2018, 10:15 AM EDT

Well, fork us and call us a birch rod! In honor of the upcoming third season of NBC's The Good Place, Google Chrome has rolled out a brand-new extension that'll make you think twice about cussing.

By downloading it, your computer's Chrome browser will become a personalized Good Place: "complete with weather updates, calendar reminders, and daily 'inspiration' from Eleanor and the crew, you can become more productive and feel like you’re getting into The Good Place every single time you go online." 

And that sailor mouth of yours will go straight out the window, thanks to the Obscenities Censor, which replaces all Google search curse words with appropriately adjacent phrases. 

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Credit: Google Chrome

You'll also get your own personal Janet assistant, who will help you surf the web for information; regular "'Joy of Missing Out' built-in break reminders"; and an option to replace the thumbs-up or thumbs-down option on YouTube with "Good Place" or "Bad Place."

Season 3 of The Good Place premieres on NBC Thursday, Sept. 27.