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The Good Place’s Michael Schur teases fallout from show’s newest big twist

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Dec 6, 2018, 9:16 PM EST (Updated)

Holy forking shirt balls! 

The latest The Good Place episode finally put Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani in the place they’ve wanted to be since the beginning of the series. It was a bold move that creator Michael Schur says the show has been planning since Season 1.

**SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers for tonight's The Good Place episode, “Janet,” below!**

Schur and actress D’Arcy Carden invited SYFY WIRE and a select group of journalists to screen “Janet” on Monday, and afterwards teased what’s to come now that the four imperfect humans, along with Michael and Janet, have made it to the actual Good Place.

First off, Schur says that Chidi’s watershed moment in declaring his love for Eleanor will absolutely stick. “My favorite Will Harper acting moment was that one minute where Chidi has his superhero moment [with Eleanor] and then ruins it,” Schur cracks. “This wasn’t intentional, but for awhile we’d been thinking about what would make Chidi get over his Chidiness.” 

Schur says that awkward moment changed him: “From now on, he won’t worry about her, or how he feels about her.” Rejoice, Cheleanor fans!

The episode also revealed to Tahani and Jason that they were married in a previous timeline, and that Janet is still in love with Jason. Schur teases, “It’s a safe bet that the Jason and Tahani revelation will be dealt with soon.”

Speaking of Janet, she went through the wringer this episode hosting those four dumb-dumbs inside her void, which just about shattered her own existence. Gratefully, she survived their existential meltdowns and will assist Michael in making their case in the Good Place that someone has been manipulating the points system in favor of the Bad Place. 

Schur says, “The question of why no one has gotten in will be answered in the next episode. I would simply tease that Michael has more info than he’s ever had. He has information and a plan. He’s going to take it up with the committee. In theory, he has a plan and will have all the information shortly. He’s in the place to execute the plan.”

Keep an eye on Janet’s evolution arc too. “She has been the single hardest character challenge in that we wanted to avoid robot lady becomes human, which is such a trope in science fiction," says Schur. "It’s how do we not do the story of Data and the holodecks, and that has been huge for us. So, I would say the journey for Janet gets more human all the time in terms of her understanding of the universe. And the finale has comparisons of this Janet versus the one in the pilot."