The history of the cult is revealed in American Horror Story: Cult Episode 5

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:02 AM EDT (Updated)

We finally get some insight on the cult, and more importantly, on Kai, in American Horror Story: Cult Episode 5: "Holes."

Winter and Kai lead their cult meeting. In attendance are Gary, Detective Samuels, R.J., Harrison, and Beverly. Beverly thinks that people aren't scared enough because they haven't seen the killer clowns. Bob won't release the tape of Serena's murder, and he is sick of Beverly's penchant for sensationalism. After Bob fires her, Kai decides they are going to have to kill Bob in the most horrible, Satanic way possible. Suddenly Ivy comes in. "Sorry I'm late. What did I miss?" After last week, with Ivy teaming up with Winter, I am not surprised that Ivy is part of the cult.

Ally has her session with Dr. Vincent, where she admits to a new fear related to her fear of holes. Last night, she dreamt that the holes on her neck were burrow holes for bugs. She realizes that with Oz gone, there is a hole in her life she cannot fill. Dr. Vincent is glad to hear this, because Ally taking responsibility for her issues is one of the first steps toward healing. Ally doesn't feel safe but can't stay at a hotel because Ivy canceled all the credit cards and all of Ally's money is wrapped up in the restaurant. She suddenly realizes: It was like Ivy was prepared for this.

Oz is staying the night at a friend's house, and Winter is in the car with Ivy. "Things are going to get really real," she tells Ivy. Ivy is ready to take on radical action. She hates what this country has become, and blames Ally -- at least partially -- for helping with her vote for Jill Stein. All Ivy cares about is her family -- specifically Oz -- and she is ready to burn it all down to give him a better life.


Kai and his cult put on their clown masks and sneak up on Bob as he scoops ice cream. He offers them money and tries to grab a knife, but the clowns start beating him. Frightened, Bob announces that "No one will take care of it if I die! I have a gimp in the attic!" The cult goes upstairs and find a gimp, head bound and body suspended from hooks. Harrison announces that they need to kill the gimp, and Kai agrees. He stabs the gimp, ripping some hooks out of its skin, and kicks it to the floor. Ivy runs to the bathroom to vomit. With the gimp dead, several clowns bring up Bob. They chant in Latin and stab him multiple times. Beverly takes off her mask and takes pleasure in landing the killing blow -- an ax to the head.

Beverly is first on the scene and can barely hide the smile as she reports on Bob's murder. She claims she got an anonymous email tip with a video of the murder, and airs it gleefully. Later, at the Butchery, Beverly and Kai have some coffee and Beverly says they should excise the "weakest link."

Flashing back five weeks ago, we see the cult setting up the coffins in Rosie and Mark's house. Meadow is part of it this time. R.J. shows his weakness as he watches the coffins rattle and begs Kai and the others to end this. Returning to the present, Beverly insists that R.J. is a cancer. They decide to cut him out.

In a scene straight out of Rear Window, Ally is straightening Oz's bedroom when she notices Harrison moving a large, heavy bag into the garage. Suspicious, she grabs the telescope and sees Harrison in the house, passionately kissing Detective Samuels. Perturbed, Ally goes over to investigate. In the backyard, Ally finds a grave-sized hole in the ground. Summoning her courage, she peers in -- and sees Meadow at the bottom, begging for help. Ally rushes back home and locks herself inside. She calls 911, but gets a recording. In a panic, she calls Ivy and begs her to come home. A banging at the door causes Ally's panic to escalate, as she thinks it is Harrison, there to kill her. The banging stops, and it was likely Meadow, who next appears at the window. "It's a cult!" she screams. "Everyone's in it ... including your wife!" Suddenly a bag is pulled over Meadow's head and she is spirited away. Ally looks at the phone, still connected to Ivy -- and hangs up.


Another cult meeting, with everyone except Meadow (who is "with a friend," according to Harrison) and R.J., who it turns out is tied up in another room. Kai is up 10 points in the polls after the release of the clown murder video, but it isn't enough for Kai. He leads his cult into the room that holds R.J., accusing him of not being "one of us." Kai gives Ivy a nail gun and gives her a chance to make up for not being there for Bob's murder (she was vomiting when the rest of them were killing). Ivy opposes killing R.J. ("He is one of us!") but eventually shoots him. R.J. doesn't die. Each member of the cult takes their turn, shooting a nail into R.J.'s head. Kai goes last, granting R.J. the killing blow.

Kai and Beverly play the pinky game, and Kai finally reveals his background. After graduating from college with a religious studies degree, Kai does nothing with his degree. His father, an attorney, is in a motorcycle accident and ends up a paraplegic. His accident turns him into an alcoholic, violent psychopath, beating and berating his wife and son. One night, while Kai is surfing The Red Pill website, he hears a gunshot, then another. Following the noise, he finds his father bleeding from a stomach gunshot and his mother standing there with a gun. Kai arrives in time to see his mother turn the gun on herself.

Kai calls his brother, Dr. Vincent (see, I knew he was up to something nefarious) for help. Dr. Vincent is a pro. He and Kai put their parents upstairs and covered them in lye to let them decompose on their own. They will lose half their parents' money, as well as become societal outcasts if the truth of their parents' death is discovered. They won't tell Winter until she comes home from school. Winter is pissed when she sees her rotting parents, but accepts Kai's nonsense that "this isn't the end but the beginning." Kai's parents are still in their room. Kai visits them to talk to his mother, promising he will be something one day, and take pleasure in watching his father rot.