The hosts take over in the Super Bowl trailer for Westworld Season 2

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Feb 11, 2018, 1:03 PM EST (Updated)

It's been more than a year since we left the park, but in 2018 we will finally get to see the second season of Westworld, HBO's acclaimed cerebral sci-fi thriller about a massive theme park and the people -- both real and synthetic -- who inhabit it.

When we last left the park, it was in chaos. Its creator was dead, its hosts had suddenly gained the ability to actually harm the human guests (to the delight of Ed Harris' Man In Black), and at least one host infiltrated the massive behind-the-scenes complex that operates the park. One of the great questions posed by the show is the nature of reality, and whether an artificial brain can ever gain real humanity. Well, by the end of Season 1 nearly every character had their reality completely altered. Now, with Westworld's Super Bowl trailer for Season 2 , we get a better look at what that new reality will be, and (finally) a premiere date.

The trailer still gives us very little in the way of plot. It begins with gorgeous images of the Western vistas and beautiful scenery that make up the park itself, then transitions to the inner workings, where the hosts have clearly taken over. The scene of the party Ford threw at the end of Season 1 is littered with bodies, Maeve (Thandie Newton) is leading a herd of synthetic bulls to mow down park security, The Man In Black (Ed Harris) looks on in wonder, and it's all narrated by the figure now at the center of it all: Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), the host who knows more about the park's violent delights and violent ends than anyone now that she's fully aware of her place in it. After a 30-second spot was aired during the game, HBO dropped a full 90-second expanded trailer online. Check it out:

There are obviously still many mysteries to unravel about what Season 2 will bring, and how deep it will go into more of the park's secrets. Westworld is a show that's never been scared to be vague in its promotional materials, so we'll have to wait until the series returns to get the full picture. One thing is certain, though: The park will never be the same.

Westworld returns April 22 on HBO.

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