The iconic scenes that survive in the new Nightmare on Elm St.

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

If you loved Wes Craven's original A Nightmare on Elm Street, then you know the most famous scenes: Amanda Wyss' Tina floating in midair, Heather Langenkamp's Nancy in the tub, Nick Corri's Rod Lane hanged in his jail cell.

Many of those famous bits will appear in the upcoming remake of Nightmare, including the jail scene. (Spoilers ahead!)

Kellan Lutz, who plays a character named Dean in the remake, said that the film includes the "jail cell hanging" that befell Corri's Rod. (There's no one named Rod Lane in the new film, so we'll have to wait to see who gets hanged in their sleep.)

"You'll have to see who does that," Lutz told a group of reporters last Friday in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting The Twilight Saga: New Moon. "It does happen. It's so much fun."

The trailer for the new film reveals that other classic moments will show up in the movie, including some version of Tina's demise and Freddy's gloved hand emerging from Nancy's bathtub. But Lutz said the familiar scenes will get a new twist in the 2010 version, which stars Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger.

"A lot of movie trailers somewhat show what the movie is, [but] you don't see [all of] it," Lutz said. "[Ours] just gives you that taste so you know that it is somewhat of a remake. You need those crucial scenes. Basically, it's a revamped version of the first one, but it is different in a lot of aspects. So you know if you like the first one, this is going to be a new, somewhat cool spin on it."

The new movie will also take things beyond the 1984 original, which was shocking for the time but seems pretty tame to modern audiences.

"Since all our minds are so corrupted with blood, guts and gore, it takes something special to scare our generation now," Lutz said. "Where 10 years ago, someone just knocking on the door, you're like 'Oh, who is that?' What Nightmare on Elm Street is going to show [is] it's scary. How it's shot and the things that you will see from the movie will scare you. And it's a great psychological thriller."

The new Nightmare on Elm Street opens April 30, 2010.