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Is shapeshifting a gift or a curse in new trailer for Netflix's The Innocents?

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Aug 8, 2018, 1:45 PM EDT

As you can see in this latest trailer for upcoming Netflix series The Innocents, shapeshifting ain’t easy. But nothing worthwhile ever is, right?

Still, such difficulty is particularly true if you’re a teenager – what with all the awkwardness involved – which the hero of our story, June (Sorcha Groundsell) just so happens to be. Throw in her forbidden love for Henry (Percelle Ascott), the need to flee such repression, and this nascent shapeshifting power that finds her popping in and out of bodies seemingly willy-nilly, and you’ve got yourself a pretty nifty looking eight-part mini-series. 

The series is created by mostly relative unknowns, including the stars themselves, as well as creators Hania Elkington (whose only other credit is for story editor on The North London Book of the Dead) and Simon Duric (who has amassed a glittering collection of art-department credits including Black Mirror and The Crown, but this will be his first series creator credit, too). Not that we should worry, as Netflix has a history of giving fresh talent a sandbox to play in, and if the trailer is any indication, the streaming giant still knows what its doing.

There is one particularly seasoned standout among the newcomers though: Guy Pearce (Iron Man 3), who plays Halvorson, a mysterious and possibly nefarious professor type who seems to know what June is dealing with, and that it involves her mother, who deserted June three years ago. He also drops the big news that there’s more shifters out there, and possibly a cure.

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(Credit: Netflix)

Indeed, it’s Halvorson who first lures us into this realistic fantasy world in the new trailer, but isn’t it usually those who think they understand the power behind something who are the ones who end up being crushed by it? Whether that’s the case or not, it’s obvious this shapeshifting power isn’t always a blessing, and that June and Harry (not Henry & June, mind you) are in for a dangerous journey ahead. 

We shall see how it all shifts into place when The Innocents premieres on Netflix Aug. 24.