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The internet is choosing to go wild over Black Mirror's Bandersnatch adventure

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Dec 28, 2018, 9:08 AM EST

As Black Mirror released its first movie (well, "movie") onto Netflix during the middle of the night on Dec. 28, fans of the sci-fi anthology show were quick to tackle the interactive episode and search down all its various rabbit holes for their own versions of the story.

As “Bandersnatch” is the first interactive episode — a choose-your-own-adventure worthy of its ‘80s setting — Netflix users were ready and willing to experiment with the TV form, playing a small role in moving us all closer to Futurama’s audience-voted film endings. To replay or not to replay, to consult the internet before making choices — these were all questions fans had to consider when personalizing their trips through the mindbending episode.

Fans on Twitter were especially quick on the trigger, posting reactions ranging from shocked to apologetic (as they made the protagonist suffer) to ultimately tepid as soon as they could make it through to one of the endings. Check them out:

How did you fare? Are you going to replay it or simply allow your gut instinct to stand?