The Jetsons coming to life on ABC courtesy of Robert Zemeckis

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Aug 17, 2017

"It's a big news day for The Jetsons" isn't something anyone expected to type in 2017. However, this is the case today, as the last 24 hours have brought two major announcements for the Hanna-Barbera classic cartoon.

Robert Zemeckis, the man behind Back to the Future, is teaming with Jack Rapke and writer Gary Janetti (Family Guy) to head up a live-action reboot of The Jetsons for ABC and WBTV. ABC has given the show, a multicamera sitcom, a put-pilot commitment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The new live-action version of the show will be based on the animated series, set 100 years in the future, but "told through a modern filter," so expect Elroy to be some kind of future hipster or something.

It's a full reteaming for The Jetsons, as WBTV produced the original animated series, with it airing on ABC as the network's first full-color series.

The news follows a first look from DC Comics yesterday of Jimmy Palmiotti, Pier Brito, and Amanda Conner's new The Jetsons comic book mini-series. Like their modern take on The Flintstones, this series, coming Nov. 1, will bring 21st-century storytelling to this family of the future; heck, ABC might be able to get some ideas from them!

The new series features some changes, like George looking quite a bit younger, Jane (his wife) now working as a NASA scientist, his boy Elroy being a robotics genius, and more. It follows The Jetsons eight-page backup released earlier this year behind the Flintstones/Booster Gold one-shot. In that story, we got the heartbreaking revelation that Rosie the Robot has the consciousness of George's mother, Rosemary, within her robot body.


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