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The Joker and Trickster kidnap Mark Hamill in DC’s best animated short ever

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Oct 27, 2017, 2:29 PM EDT

Whoa, this is meta, and kinda metaphysical too. And, arguably, DC’s best animated short yet, or at least the best we’ve seen from Justice League Action.

As you can see in the brisk clip below, the action in “Missing the Mark” picks up when “famous actor” Mark Hamill’s uber ride gets sabotaged by “Master Villain” Joker and “2nd Rate Villain” Trickster, who’s obviously a huge fan of Corvette Summer. As the kidnapping progresses, Hamill uses his powers of the force and vocal artistry to plant seeds of discontent between the Joker and his “villain bush league” cohort.

Soon, Hamill’s ventriloquism skills trick the Joker into a wrong turn, right into the greenery of a park, where the Swamp Thing can get his roots on the culprits and extricate Hamill (mind you, this is a decidedly different Swamp Thing than the one I’m currently reading in Alan Moore’s dark run).

The meta: Hamill provides the voices for all four characters, which the characters all become aware of as the short unfolds. Which leads to the metaphysical part hinted at in the final line, as the Joker learns there’s such thing as a voice actor. Boy, this is gonna drive him even battier!

Check out the short, and let us know if you think it’s DC’s best animated short yet.

(via io9)

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