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The Jurassic Games trailer gloriously imagines The Hunger Games with T-Rexes

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Jun 12, 2018, 1:36 PM EDT (Updated)

Sure, The Hunger Games was a huge hit, but it could have been so much bigger… heck, it could have been dino-sized!

Apparently Uncork’d Entertainment saw The Hunger Games franchise’s vastly bigger potential, though, because this summer, the acquistions, distribution, and consulting company is releasing The Jurassic Games on VOD, which boldly imagines such a twisted world where a Games' contestants must not only battle each other, but also flesh-eating dinosaurs.

As you can see in the nothing-if-not-entertaining trailer below, the bonkers Jurassic Park/Hunger Games mashup is set in the near future, where the 10 most dastardly Death Row inmates are selected every year to compete in The Jurassic Games, a virtual reality contest of survival, where the stakes are all too real. Watch… 

Just like The Hunger Games (which was also based on a borrowed idea), the winner of “the greatest game show in the world” earns their freedom, while the rest of the contestants perish, presumably in ever-more disturbing and gruesome ways.

Apparently, some of the characters have intriguing backstories too, like Anthony Tucker (Adam Hampton), an innocent man wrongly accused of the murder of his wife, whose only chance to be reunited with his kids is to win the games. And there’s also an obviously Katniss-inspired young contestant, Joy (Katie Burgess), whose there to “kill everybody,” although that Saber-toothed tiger staring her down probably has other plans.

While this may indeed appear at first look to be merely a glorified fan film, the effects seem mostly legit (simply judging from the trailer) and there’s actually some decent talent involved, including Ryan Merriman (Final Destination 3) and Perrey Reeves (Child's Play 3). Reeves of course played Ari Gold’s wife in HBO’s Entourage, and we can only assume Gold had his hand in putting this film together, as it so obviously reeks of his work (perhaps a guest appearance by Vinny Chase might be in order too!). 

The movie was directed by Ryan Bellgardt, who the Uncork’d press release describes as an “Emmy winner,” though they don’t list what it was he won such prestige for, but rather allude to his work on Gremlin and Army of Frankensteins instead. But worry not, your intrepid reporter has done a little digging on IMDB and discovered Bellgardt earned that daytime Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Heartland Chapter for Two Movie Guys’ Intergalactic Holiday Showdown, about two movie hosts who “get kidnapped by aliens and have to save them from an evil super villain.” 

Be on the lookout for The Jurassic Games, due out on VOD on June 12. And after that, be on the lookout for the project he’s currently shooting: The Adventures of Jurassic Pet: Chapter 1

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