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The Killjoys Season 4 finale just completely flipped the table for a Season 5 reset

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Sep 21, 2018, 11:00 PM EDT

**Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for the Killjoys episode "Sporemageddon" below! Either you’ve already seen the episode or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch, then come back and enjoy this recap. I can wait.**

Did that really just happen? Are we sure we didn't all get sucked into the Green and watch some version of Killjoys that The Lady wanted us to see instead of the actual Season 4 finale? Or did we just watch Aneela get left behind in the Green as it disintegrated, a virus start removing the memories of people in Westerly, and Johnny and Dutch living in wedded bliss on Westerley with no memory of D'avin and a homeless Turin? And if she IS out of the Green, who's The Lady tormenting with that little series of events? I mean, her plan is to torture people, right? So who's most tortured by the last three minutes of the episode — besides me?

This is what happens when you have a showrunner and writing staff who know they have two seasons to lay out the perfect ending to a series. They TORMENT you with a CLIFFHANGER of massive proportions so you twist in the wind until the show comes back in 2019.

But who am I kidding? It's delicious torture and a perfect ending to an episode and a season that offered the best roller-coaster ride of the series so far.

To be honest, I'm not even sure how to tackle this episode, because it's a culmination of the previous nine episodes this season, and builds on the previous three seasons. A lot has changed since we first met Yala "Dutch" Yardeen, partner John Jaqobis, and the wayward (and troubled) D'avin Jaqobis. But who they were then and their journey over the last four seasons all led to this moment.

The Lady

Up until now, we've seen glimpses of what The Lady can do, but this episode illustrated how dangerous she really is. A creature who has no memories of her own has millions of memories to choose from, and she deploys some really nasty ones: D'avin's mentally triggered attack on Dutch, John's still very real pain over losing Pawter, even Aneela's love of Kendry. Kendry was an especially good choice, both because Mayko Nguyen is so great and because Kendry is Aneela's Kryptonite.

Plus, The Lady used children to infect the people of Westerley. You have to be a supremely evil bitch to use children to spread a memory-eating virus. What's next, puppies?

I'm not sure if I quite understand how all of this works, but something tells me that The Lady's virus somehow siphons the memories of the infected into her collective memory, which gives her more to work with. As she gathers more memories, the greater her weapons cache, so to speak. That can't be good.

Dutch and Aneela

Mirror images in the Green, Dutch and Aneela have to be the key to all of this. If that hand coming out of the now-dead Green was The Lady, what does that mean for Aneela? Aneela's already proven she can pull memories out of the Green. So the big question is whether the Green really is dead everywhere, and whether Aneela made it out or The Lady did.

If Aneela was left in there with the memory of Khlyen, she may still have a chance. And we all know Dutch well enough to know that if there's a chance, she'll fight. Once she remembers who she is and what's going on and... oh gods, now I have an ulcer.

John and D'avin

While I was really happy to see both Pawter and Sarah Power again, what The Lady did to John Jaqobis is seriously uncool, and making D'avin (and the rest of us) relive that fight with Dutch on Lucy was NOT OKAY.

The "poo face" jokes were priceless. The world could be falling apart and John and D'avin will find some way to give each other a ration to lighten the mood.

Random Thoughts and Tidbits

-Can we all agree that the Qreshi dude was a real jerk? The Nine really do seem to have it out for Westerley.

-I loved the trip back to the armory and Dutch's moment with Banyon Grey. Talk about a regret coming back to haunt you.

-The mother losing the memory of her daughter was heartbreaking; Pree losing Gared also hurt like hell; but watching Zephyr lose her memory in real time just about broke me beyond repair.

-Poo face. Sorry. I can't stop laughing.

-Who's that creepy kid at the end, and how do we keep her from ever showing up in my nightmares?

Final Thought

While everything in the episode was both amazing and very relevant, the last couple minutes are the great big question now. Did The Lady make it out? And if she did, how has she changed things? And has she changed everything, or does she only have a hold on Dutch? She had Dutch's arm, so maybe this is all in Dutch's mind?

Final Final Thought

The tease for Season 5 was a lot in a very short span of time. Dutch in prison, guards, Dutch and John kissing (so weird!), D'avin with a gun looking super serious, a woman I'm pretty sure is Clara, a killer-looking Kendry, a super in pain Zeph, and a badly beaten Dutch.

It's going to be a looooooooong wait.

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