The Killjoys try to clean house when things get messy in episode 3.5

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Jul 28, 2017

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the most recent episode of Killjoys, or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.

I have a confession. I thought Aneela was dangerous, but I also thought she was deranged, and something about that made me underestimate her. Likely because I believe that someone that fundamentally not okay in the head would derail if they didn't have some sort of steadying force.

Clearly, I was dead wrong. After this episode, I see Aneela as a special kind of sociopath, one who's not disabled by her psychopathy, but fueled by it. Her rages, her sudden bursts of killing, they're just byproducts of a mind that can move people around like chess pieces and keep them busy before she blows up the board itself.

Yep. Somehow I didn't understand the gravity of the situation or the fact that Aneela has engineered a takeover of RACs all over the J, while turning more and more people into Hullen and building a massive fleet of ships at the same time.

I do now, though, yay?

Oh right, we also know there's someone Aneela answers to, thanks to Gander of the Green Eared Goo. That means there's someone out there worse than Aneela.

Double yay.

On the other end of the Doppelganger spectrum, we have Dutch. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. When this episode started, Dutch thought she had the upper hand because Team AwesomeForce (with Turin as an honorary member) was ready to clean out the RAC and had the means to do so. The plan was crazy, sure, but it was a good one, and they would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for that darn nerd (I'm revoking his "nerd" status; we're much smarter than that), and now she's responsible for the death of a lot of people, and everyone on the team has some serious repercussions to deal with.

So let's talk about the casualties.

Banyon Grey

You know Aneela's gotten under Dutch's skin when Dutch stabs someone without even verifying if they're Hullen. Dutch may be a trained killer, but she's rarely reckless, and the fact that she stabs Banyon and it takes her a minute to realize she's bleeding is all the proof you need that she's off kilter. It's a shame, really. I liked Banyon Grey, and I think she'd have been one hell of an ally, but sometimes you have to do things like this to tell a story.

Fancy Lee

Fancy's right. Turin's an a-hole. Love him or hate him, Fancy Lee has proven himself on multiple occasions, and the man has a code. He also didn't ask to be made Hullen, and he's been there for every op they've asked him to go on. Do I think Lucian Kitaan (Tara Spencer-Nairn) was getting to him? Sure, but that's not unreasonable given the circumstances. But he didn't break, and that's what's important. Also, Turin sucks at apologies.

Thousands of Killjoys

Some of those agents may have been Hullen, but a lot of them weren't and they never saw it coming. Aneela may think killing them was no big deal, but they served, and their service deserves respect.

Benji Fuchs

All this poor kid wanted was to do his job and make the world a better place through science. What he got was killed. It's bad enough he didn't want to fight this kind of fight, but for him to die because someone he considered a friend betrayed him? That sucks. Rest in peace, Benji. You were too precious for this world.


Y'know what? I'm not sad he's dead. I'm just sorry so many people died because of him.

Dutch's credibility

What do you think Aneela's plan is? We know she wants to isolate Dutch and make her suffer, but the fact that the video of that assault on the RAC was broadcast means there's footage. If Aneela's smart, she'll get a hold of that footage. All it takes is one vid of Aneela pretending to be Dutch and then taking credit for the massacre to put everyone in the J on her tail.

Quite a few of John Jaqobis' brain cells

One of the things I appreciate about Killjoys is that it never goes for the easy "damsel in distress" situation. A lot of shows would have put Dutch in that chair and then have the guys either break to save her or be about to do so because another brother comes to save the day. Not this show. Because it knows that the brothers are a much juicier target, and it also knows it's built Dutch as a badass lady and putting her in a position of weakness means making her do things she'd never logically do.

It also means they can switch out which brother's taking the damage depending on the situation, and it means we get all sorts of banter and brotherly bonding.

Random Thoughts (and favorite lines)

Mayko Nguyen is so incredibly sexy and I could probably watch her kiss anyone and find it arousing, but I'm pretty sure this whole thing is going to blow up in her face because she's distracted by another face, Dutch's. Aneela may have the same face, but she's not Dutch. She's something else entirely, and I'm pretty sure Kendry's going to end up dead. For real this time.

I'm also not so sure Kendry has as much of an upper hand over Gander as she thinks. Something about that dynamic still feels like he has an upper hand.

"You went after the wrong brother. I fixed it." Which brother was the wrong brother, do you think? I'm still processing this one, so I'd love to know what you think.

"Then I hope that chair's ribbed for our pleasure." I love these two so much. So. Much.

"I've been blowing my brain cells for years on booze, boobs, and back issues of Captain Apex, and I'm still the smartest guy in the Quad."

Final Thought

First season, Khylen was the Big Bad. This season, it's Aneela. If I had to take a guess, I'm thinking the third season (when the show gets renewed) will put whatever put this whole thing together front and center.

Maybe Aneela will realize she's been played by them? How interesting would a season of Double Dutch be?

That's gonna do it for this week. Keep your nose clean and drink your Hoc neat and let's do it again next week.

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